Join the Flower Sprout Revolution with me…..

If you’ve never sown Flower Sprouts, Kalettes, Brukale (all the same thing) before why not sow some this year.

They are a cross between Kale and Brussels Sprouts and are absolutely delicious. They are very easy to find now and are available from most of the large seed companies.

Why not give them a go this year, they are wonderful and in my opinion best sauteed for about 5 minutes with a little onion. When I have time I’ll make a video and show you.

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Sowing Tomato seeds….

Freshly harvested Tomatoes are just the most wonderful thing ever. They have so much more flavour that the watery, tasteless shop ones. You can always find space for at least one tomato plant, so why not try and grow some this year.

There are loads of different varieties out there to try, so why not try something different this year. The varieties I’m sowing are “Sungold”, “Bloody Butcher”, “Indigo Blue Berries”, “Aunt Ginny’s Purple“, “Green Sausage”, and finally “Black Cherry”.

Here’s how I’m sowing mine this year.

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Sowing Broad Beans – Part 463 – Claire’s Allotment

February is the perfect time to sow your Broad Beans. The variety I am growing this year are called “The Sutton”. I’ve grow these before and they grow really well. They not massively tall plants, but produce a lovely amount of fruit.

You can either sow 2 beans per 3 inch pot, but I prefer to use half toilet rolls. So start saving now for next year.

Here’s how I sow mine….

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Time to sow your lettuce seeds.

People always underestimate the difference in the taste of home grown lettuce. It really does taste so much better than shop bought. I like to sow a variety of different colours and shapes, that way the salad looks much more interesting.

Make sure you sow your lettuce seeds “in succession”, which basically means a few every month. That way you’ll have a wonderful supply all summer long.

You can so directly into the soil, but I prefer to sow mine in a seed tray. Here’s how I sow mine.

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Time to sow your Spinach seeds.

If you want to grow big and strong, there is only 1 vegetable you need to eat, and that’s Spinach. The variety I’m sowing this year is called “Trombone”, which I grew last year and it did really well. It’s great wilted with onions and garlic, and makes a great addition to a casserole or a pasta dish.

Now is the time to start sowing your seeds, and this is how I sow mine.

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Sowing Aubergine seeds

Last year my Aubergines grew really well, and so again this year, I’m growing 2 different varieties some from Spain, and a UK variety called Rosa Bianca.

February is the time to start sowing, so here’s how I so mine.

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All my February seeds are sown!

Hello there my lovelies. Sorry I’ve be absent for a couple of weeks, but we used up all our data allowance and have been waiting for it to tick over to the next month. Yes we’re on “Unlimited” apparently, but it’s capped at 450, so clearly it’s not unlimited. We’ve been told that’s usually more than enough for any normal family, but we’re not a normal family. So off we go again for the new month, let’s see how long we can make it last this time. And before you ask, where we live, we’re very limited on who we can have (basically only 1 provider).

Moan now over, so back to the gardening.

I’ve been very busy in the greenhouses and the weather has been wonderful. I’ve finally managed to sow all of my seeds that needed to be sown in February, and at the beginning of this week I sowed the following: Melons “Emir”, which are great for the cooler climate, so hopefully they’ll grow well and I’ll have some lovely pairs of melons to show you come the summer…..

I also sowed all of my Chillies, both the sweet and the hot varieties. So let’s start with the sweet ones “California Wonder” and now the hot ones “Longhorn”, “Trinidad Perfume”, “Midas”, “Razzamatazz” and finally some from Wahaca restaurant. I’ll keep you posted on their progress.

I over wintered 6 chilli plants and they’ve been very happy on the window sill in the utility room, but I’ve now moved them into the greenhouses. 3 plants look very good, but 3 don’t look so good. I’ll see how they fair in the coming months and will see if the ones that look a bit sad brighten up.

There are lots of videos ready to go. I was able to edit them and save them on the Desktop, but because we had not internet was unable to upload them onto my YouTube page. But now we’re back with the rest of the world, I can sort those out.

Now to start on the March seeds. There’s loads to do, so I’ll keep you posted.

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