Friday 29th March 2019 – Direct sowing….finally!

Woke up this morning…da na na na na. It was really foggy…da na na na na. The fog finally cleared da na na na na. The sun came out da na na na na.

I think I should keep to gardening don’t you?

But yes it’s true, it was really, really foggy first thing, and then by about 11 o clock the sun burned it all away and the afternoon has been beautiful. So I’ve spent most of it in the garden sowing seeds and doing other stuff.

We couldn’t even see the road when the fog came in. Oh and if you’re wondering, the horse on the right is lying down, it’s not dead.

I sowed one row of Parsnips “Gladiator” and the temptation to go all Russell Crowe on them was very strong, but I resisted. They should pop through the soil in about 3 weeks or so, and I’ll keep you posted on their progress.

I also sowed three rows of Carrots. What varieties they are I don’t know as I got several varieties and mixed them all together. It’s going to be a wonderful surprise when I harvest them as to what colours they’re going to be. I love a bit of mystery don’t you? I’m sure Lottie and Dottie would approve.

I then sowed 1 line of Spring Onions “White Lisbon”. I have a couple of other varieties, but I’m trying to finish up all my old seeds, so I can start afresh next year. It’s good to grow carrots and anything from the onion family next to each other, as they repel the flies from each other. I love it when plants work with each other. The same can not be said for Bert and the new chickens. They’re worse than toddlers!!

I also sowed a few more Radish, this time “Pink Beauty”. The first lot of radish I sowed are growing brilliantly and should be ready in a couple of weeks.

And finally I’ve started to harvest this years Asparagus. I sowed it from seed about 7 years ago I think. What variety they are I don’t know, but there are some lovely varieties here. It was then in my allotment, and then I dug it all up and it moved with us. This time last year I put it in it’s new bed, but didn’t harvest any as I wanted it to settle. Now it’s settled I can now harvest some this year. It looks fabulous, I’m so chuffed.

All ready for dinner tonight.

Well that’s all for today, a good days work. I think I deserve one of my birthday beers (I hope I’ve got one left) and a long hot soak in a bath.

Happy days!

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Pricking out Onions and Leeks

Usually I sow my onions from sets, and this is never something I do. But this year I sowed all my onions from seed, so thought I would prick them out into individual pots to help them grow a little better.

I’ve also done the same with my leeks as they were getting a little squashed in their tray.

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Pricking out Coriander seedlings….

I love coriander, it’s got such a fresh flavour and makes dishes taste amazing. My seedlings have been growing really well, and now I need to prick them out.

Here’s how I do mine….

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Tuesday 26th March 2019 – All March indoor sowing is done!

Blimey, I can’t believe I’ve finally done all my March indoor seed sowing, just the outdoor sowing to do now, but that will have to wait for another day.

Today I sowed some Celeriac “Monarch” which I love. It’s a very under rated vegetable, but is so versatile and tasty. I also sowed a selection of Lettuce seeds, make sure you don’t sow all your lettuce at once, as you’ll be over run by it. Sow some every month, that way you’ll end up will a good supply throughout the Spring, Summer and into Autumn. Today I sowed “Mixed Red Leaves”, “Rocket”, “Mustard Oriental Ruby Streaks”, “Arctic King”, “Red Veined Sorrel” and some “Land Cress”. I know some of these aren’t technically lettuce, but who cares.

I also sowed some Okra “Clemson Spineless”. Okra can be tricky, and needs a decent amount of heat, but I’m hoping they’ll do well this year. I’ve had some success before, but nothing to write home about….yet!

I also sowed a few more herbs seeds. Firstly Fennel “Bronze”, this is the herb one and not the fennel that makes the bulb at the base. Also some Garden Mint, which I’ve never sown from seed before. And finally some Stevia, which is a new one on me. I’ve tried a little part of a leaf before and it was tasty, but I’ve never grown it myself before. It should look good in the herb patch though. I’ll keep you posted on it’s progress.

And the last of the sowing was a free trial packet of Leeks “Stocky”. I am also growing other leeks, so we’ll have loads to keep us going.

Once all that was done I pricked out a few more tomato plants, and a few other bits and bobs. The flower seeds that I sowed about a week ago are just starting to germinate, so as they say “Everything’s coming up roses!”…..Sorry, I don’t know what came over me.

I also noticed that one of my grape vines is starting to bud, which is exciting. I have 2 vines and I’m hoping to train them to climb over an arch. Not sure I’ll get enough grapes to start making my own wine, but as long as we get some to eat I’ll be happy. I don’t know what varieties they are, as one came from my aunt and uncle many years ago when they moved from the UK to Spain, and the other was label less (where I used to work) so couldn’t be sold, so I gave it a loving home.

Bud on one of my grape vines. Blimey my fingers have got lots of lines on them…

Happy days in the garden, what could be better.

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Sunday 24th March 2019 – Just the afternoon in the garden.

I was hoping to spend all day today in the garden, but instead it was just from mid afternoon. This morning and the early part of the afternoon we went to Margate. I love the little shops that are set back in the town. Little gems of shops and a real find. We also visited the Turner Contemporary which is amazing.

Anyway, once we got back home I popped in the garden and hid away in my greenhouses to get a load of stuff done. I pricked out my first sowing of Coriander, and pricked out the last of my Red Brunswick Onions.

I sowed some Courgettes “Gold Mine” and “Griller Mix”, as well as other cucurbits, namely Pumpkins “Polar Bear” and “Wicked”. I then sowed the first of my Sugar Snap Peas “Nairobi“.

That was all I managed to get done today, not as much as I hoped, but at least it was something. Still loads more seeds to sow, but I’ll get round to doing those this week.

Bert is till a little put out by Steve being in her space, so if we’re out I have to give them separate areas to play in. Hopefully they’ll get used to each other soon, then I can introduce the next 2 and then finally the last one who thinks she’s in charge. It’s like having a load of toddlers arguing with each other.

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Saturday 23rd March 2019 – An entire day in the garden!

Trying to think the last time I managed to spend the entire day in my garden, it must have been last summer sometime. Usually I’m going out somewhere on a Saturday, but today I wasn’t. Yippeee!

I cleaned out the new chickens house. We’ve had them 2 weeks now, and they’re getting on very well. Steve is being bullied by 3 of the new girls, and she squeaks like a little chick. For the past few days I’ve let her out in the garden with Bert all day, and she’s very slowly gaining confidence. She’s now happy to have Clairey cuddles, but still shakes with fear sometimes. Still I’m working with her and she’s coming along very well. She did sleep with Bert last night (no hanky panky), which Bert wasn’t impressed with. So Dad and I cornered off a little area for her to sleep in. I don’t think Steve has been pecked at all today, so we’re getting there. I’ve even tried the horrible tasting spray that’s supposed to stop other chickens pecking, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

While the little house was drying I pootled about in the garden and greenhouses. I pricked out loads more brassica, including my favourite Broccoli Lancer Mixed. I love this it looks so beautiful and tastes amazing.

As well as pricking out a load of Onions Isobel Rose.

I sowed a load more seeds, including some more herbs: Dill, Chives and Coriander. Another variety of Spinach Popeye, and finally a load more flowers which are: Lupins Avalunem, Larkspur Giant Imperial, and a lot of different varieties of Sunflowers: Titan, Giant Single, Pacino, Autumn Beauty, Teddy Bear, Red Sun and Italian White.

Well that’s all for today. I’ve got another free day tomorrow, so I’ll be back in the garden again. I’ve got lots of sowing to do, which I’ll film, so brace yourself for an influx of videos in the next few weeks.

Happy weekend!!

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Pricking out Melon seedlings

My Melons are growing really well, and getting larger and larger every day.

Yes I know what you’re all thinking…….

Come and see my lovely pair…..

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