March 2023 Update

Well we’re now into March, although the weather seems to think it’s January.

Still there’s lots of things to do in the greenhouse and garden, just lots of cups of warm tea and millions of layers are needed. We seem to have some baby bunnies that have made their way into our garden from the field at the back. Not sure how they got in, but I’ve caught 2 so far and put them back in the field so they can find their families, the other 2 are still at large. I think I’ll have to bait the humane traps with some carrot later on.

The seeds I sowed in early February are growing well, some better than others. So in this video I’ll show you what I’m doing this month. It’s a case of little and often at this time of year. I hope you find what I’m showing you helpful.

If you want to encourage little ones to get out into the garden and start growing then Lottie and Dottie are here to help them on their journey. Click HERE to go to my Etsy page. The books are going fast at this time of year and I am running out of my Pumpkins and Sunflowers books, so get them while you can.

I also have my Claire’s Allotment Essentials guide available for those gardeners who are a little older.

Below is a list of all the seeds and links to all of them that I’m sowing in March. Just click on the name and it’ll take you straight to the website:

From Moles Seeds – Brussels Sprouts “Trafalgar”, Kohl Rabi “Kref”, Calabrese “Ironman”, Parsley “Italian giant”, Lettuce “Mixed”, Winter Squash “Hunter”, Pumpkins, Nasturtium “Tall Single Flowered Mixed”, Peas “Shiraz”, Throw and Grow “Summer Picking Flowers“, Radish “Logo“, and Carrots “Paris Market Atlas”

From Mr Fothergill’s – Cabbage “Greyhound”, Broccoli “Green Calabrese”, Celery “Green Sleeves”, Chilli “Cayenne”, Salad leaves “Mild Mixed“, “Salad Bowl Red and Green Mixed”, and Spring Onions “Guardsman”

From Kings Seeds – Kohl Rabi “Green Delicacy”, Swiss chard “Fordhook Giant”, and Endive “Pancalieri”

Thompson and Morgan – Radish “French Breakfast 3”

Country Value – Poached Egg Plant

Chiltern Seeds – Lettuce “Crisp Mint”

Hope you find all that helpful, don’t forget you’ll find all sorts of videos to help you on my Claire’s Allotment Youtube channel. There are over 500 videos to choose from. Click HERE to go straight to my channel.

Happy gardening xxx

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