Sunday 14th May 2023 – I was only away for a week!

While I was a way the garden decided to go completely mad and grow like anything. Thankfully I’m back and I can now get it back into some sort of order. Honestly you’d think I’d left it for a month.

Saturday was busy with bellringing stuff, so Sunday was my time in the garden, and I made the most of it. I’ve still got one wild bunny running round my garden somewhere so I’ve had to mow the grass. Yes I know it’s ‘No Mow May’, but I was meant to mow it on May 1st, (we were out on 30th April) but couldn’t, so it’s been growing for a month anyway. If I leave it much longer I’ll need to get a scythe to it.

So after freaking out the chickens with the noise of the mower I left them out to play in one of the brassica cages. The brown ones go in very easily as they know what to do, but the white ones are still a little tentative.

So while they were playing and scratching and hopefully weeding then I was doing the same to various beds.

It’s a case of working round the garden gradually, so tidy, weed and water as I go. I got quite a lot done today, and hopefully I can get more down this week around work and other stuff.

I came in at 5pm, well it’s gin time after all.

So a good day, we all had fun, the sun shone, I tidied the pots at the front and several beds out the back. Time for a bath after dinner and back to work tomorrow.

Have a great week everyone xx

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