The Lottie and Dottie Books – Order Here…


“This sweet little story about the joys of growing your own vegetables is told in a clear and fuss-free text that is perfect to developing readers…”

The Guardian’s Best New Children’s Books Guide

on Lottie & Dottie Sow Carrots


All three Lottie and Dottie books are available to buy now:

Lottie and Dottie

lottie dottie sunflowers

lottie dottie pumpkins

The books also feature wonderful full colour illustrations by Marijke van Veldhoven.

And here’s a little teaser for LOTTIE AND DOTTIE SOW CARROTS…

They’re all out in paperback and there are lots of ways to buy them:

You can support your local bookshop by using The Hive.

They’re available at Amazon UK, and on Kindle.

Of course, you can order from Waterstones.

There’s free worldwide delivery from The Book Depository.

And also at Amazon US for my American chums!

And you can get it as a glorious full colour eBook at…

Apple iBookstore UK

Apple iBookstore Australia

Apple iBookstore New Zealand

Google Play





11 Responses to The Lottie and Dottie Books – Order Here…

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  2. Hi Claire. Congratulations on your book. It is such a buzz to see it in print. Well done! Cheers Sarah : o )

    • clairesallotment says:

      Every time I get new pictures through, it still seems a little unreal. I can’t wait to get my first completed copy.

  3. Andreae says:

    Wow! Congratulations! I just ordered my copy. How exciting!

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  5. Karen Murphy says:

    Hi Claire, Karen Murphy at Garden News magazine here, i wondered if you might like to give our readers a few little tips for our back page, where we give a few pointers or points of view? We’d plug your lovely blog (and/or books?) at the end, and can we have a picture of you, or use this one on the website? Many thanks, the topic is “What do you want to get out of next year’s gardening, and what are you going to try, if anything new?”
    Hopefully this might be alright, and thanks!

    • Hi Karen, Lovely to hear from you, if you could email me at and then I can email you a picture of me. Ok so here goes with your question. Next year I would like to grow a wonderful array of different shapes and colours of Tomatoes. I’ve already got my packets from Pennard Plants The regular tomatoes grow perfectly well, but just to get a wonderful variety on a plate would be fantastic. Also the heaviest pumpkin I’ve ever grown was 48lb, I want to grow one heavier next year, and finally I’m looking forward to harvesting my very first Asparagus. As for new seeds next year I’m hoping to grow Lemon grass. I hope that’s ok, anything else email me directly on my email address. Lottie and Dottie Sow Pumpkins is out May 2016! Thanks, Claire

  6. Well done Claire on your allotment. My husband and I started last year, it has changed our life in a good way. You do wonderful work. We would definitely learn from your experience.

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