Lottie and Dottie Gardening Workshops!

Illustration by Marijke van Veldhoven

Illustration by Marijke van Veldhoven

I am offering gardening workshops that tie-in to my LOTTIE AND DOTTIE books. Each workshops would run for an hour, with a class of up to 35 children at a time. This will enable all the children to take part in the workshop. I live in Kent, though I’m open to travelling further!

I’ve been gardening since childhood and my gardening blog and YouTube channel have reached nearly 6 million viewers worldwide. I have worked with children and young people for many years as part of Matrix Theatre, and am fully DBS checked. I will of course bring my DBS certificate with me on all visits.

As part of my visit, we will do one of the workshops listed below and then I will read  one of the books. The children will then have the opportunity to purchase which ever books they would like. They retails at £4.99 each, but on school visits they can be purchased for just £4. I will also sign each copy individually for them.

Each workshop will last one hour, starting at a time that would suit your requirements. You will find a list of sample workshops below.

Illustration by Marijke van Veldhoven

Illustration by Marijke van Veldhoven


How to make a Bug Home in your garden for the creepy crawlies:

During this workshop we will talk about why bugs are so important in our garden and also why a bug home is necessary. We will look at what sort of bugs they might find in their garden, and then go outside to find as many creepy crawlies as we can and then identify them. Then we will collect various sticks, leaves, stones and anything else that could be used for the bug home. The children will then have the opportunity to make their very own bug home.

How to make some Bird Feeders:

We will talk about why feeders are vital during the cold months for the birds. We would talk about what sort of food birds like to eat, and the various ways we can feed them. Then we would make some bird feeders from old drink cartons, and some from lard and bird seed (but this can get messy). Once they’ve finished, the children can then either take their feeders home, or go outside into the school grounds, and find some places to hang their feeders up, either on trees or in bushes. We would also talk about the various birds they are likely to see in their gardens and look at pictures of them.

How to make a Herb Bed in a container:

There are many herbs that we use all the time in the kitchen and they are very easy to grow. If you have an outside area with a raised bed then this will be perfect. The children can bring in their favourite herb plants and we will create a herb bed for the school. I will bring in a small trough and some herbs that I’ve planted, so they can see and maybe create one the same at home. We will talk about the herbs and I can bring in some examples of various ones from my own herb patch. We’ll look at the differences between the herbs and they can also touch and smell and taste them.

How to make your own Mini Garden in an ice-cream tub:

This is a great activity for little ones to get creative as they can design their perfect garden. All they need is a 1-litre ice cream tub. We could go out into the school grounds and find various flowers, foliage, small stones, moss and anything else they would like to use. Then come back to class and they can create their own little mini garden. I will also bring in some carrot tops that I have soaked in water, as the green leaves sprout again and make wonderful small trees.

How to Sow Seeds:

This will depend on what you would like the children to sow. If you are having a sunflower competition in the class or a pumpkin competition, or you would just like to encourage them to grow some vegetables from seed. I will show them how this is done, and then they can sow their own and look after them. I’ve grown many varieties of seeds in all the years I’ve been gardening. So just let me know what you would like them to sow. I’ll bring in a selection to show the different colours and shapes that can be grown. I will also bring in an extensive array of other seeds to show, and we can look at the different varieties that they could grow at home.

Of course, if you have your own themes or topics that you would prefer to cover then I can tailor a workshop especially for you.

Comments and photos from my school visits:

Claire was able to tailor her workshops easily to our school’s needs and flexible to fit in within our daily routine. She delivered two workshops; the first aimed at children aged two to four and the second with our five and six year olds. Both workshops were suitable for the children’s ages and capabilities. The children were excited, interested and thoroughly enjoyed taking part.”

The staff at Downsend School Pre-Prep Ashtead, Surrey

Downsend, Ashtead

Downsend, Ashtead

“Claire’s visit during our Book Week was a great success.  She came prepared with just the right activities for the children from the very youngest 2 year olds to the 6 year olds and has inspired us all to get growing at school and at home.”

The Staff at Downsend Pre-Prep Leatherhead, Surrey

Sowing seeds at Downsend, Leatherhead.

Sowing seeds at Downsend, Leatherhead.

The children really enjoyed themselves. It was a very informative session that captured the children and involved them all at an appropriate level. We will definitely book again for next year. Thank you!” From Charlotte Robinson at St John Vianney R C Infant and Junior School, North London.

Prices for the workshops are as follows:

1 x workshop   £100 + VAT

2 x workshops  £150 + VAT

3 x workshops  £200 + VAT


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