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Battersea Power Station, here Mark comes!!!

Well tomorrow is the day when Mark puts all his faith in a rope and abseils down Battersea Power Station. The kids and I will be cheering him on, and waiting for him at the bottom. I have suggested taking … Continue reading

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Thursday 29th August 2013 – What a lovely haul, even if i do say so myself.

Well we got back from Spain yesterday evening at about 8.30pm, and it was dark, so not really suitable to go down to the allotment. So after a wonderful sleep, we had breakfast, and I got dressed and hurried down … Continue reading

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Carob trees – A Claire’s Allotment Spanish special

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Tuesday 13th August 2013 – We’re all very excited!!

Well we’re all packed, checked in online, everything is spotless at home, the garden is all watered, which can only mean one thing….It’s holiday time!!!! My sister Michelle has come to see the garden and the allotment. She’s looking after … Continue reading

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Tuesday 6th August 2013 – Petworth House and the Beach!!

Well today I promised the kids we’d go to the beach, but on the way we’d pop into a National Trust place on the way. It’s always best to do the beach last, as you know that sand can get … Continue reading

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Special offers at Victoriana Nursery Gardens.

Check out the latest special offers at Victoriana Nursery Gardens. We’ve reached our 50th Birthday – yes, on the 17 July 1963 Jo and Jerry Shirley first moved to Challock and started selling plants. 50 years on, we’re still here … Continue reading

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Farm Terrace Allotments have won first round!!

Fantastic news from the Watford Observer….

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This it totally awesome, dude!!!

I saw this article on-line, “Cannabis Found in Flower beds”. I thought it was fantastic! Who ever planted it, brilliant on you. The question is did they know what the plant was? I bet they did….

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Thursday 1st August 2013 – And so the fencing begins…..

The time has finally come, and I have 4 lovely men working incredibly hard in this heat to replace all our fencing back and front, that has been in for over 10 years, and is falling apart. They ripped all … Continue reading

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Farm Terrace Allotments are still fighting for stay!

You may remember me mentioning this before. The local council want to build on their site, and it’s not just them. In another part of the country, Surrey to be precise they’re trying the same thing. I have great ties … Continue reading

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