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Giving your garlic a head start in life!!

Come on Garlic let’s get you started. Be brave, it’ll be good for you. Don’t worry, Claire will look after you.

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Wednesday 27th January 2016 – Giving the Garlic a head start.

This morning was the time for the Garlic to be started off. I got it this year from Homebase, but you can get it from any garden centre or online. There is so much to choose from.There are 2 planting … Continue reading

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Tuesday 26th January 2016 – Lots of Onions and some very cheap Garlic!!

This morning I popped to Homebase to buy some Garlic that I’ll plant tomorrow (you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out about how I’m planting that), but what confused me the most was that I got 2 varieties, … Continue reading

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Tuesday 26th January 2016 – Let’s get started on the Onion sets!

It’s that time of year, when I get my Onion Sets started in half toilet rolls. Yes I know it sounds odd, but I’ve done it for years and it works perfectly every year. You can do the same with … Continue reading

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Friday 22nd January 2016 – Time to get chitting!!

The seed potatoes have arrived!! So what’s chitting all about? Why do we do it, and what’s the point of it?

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Time to sow some Window Sill Herbs.

When it’s cold outside, and the ground is too cold to dig, what’s the best thing to do? Plant some herbs to put on the window sill.

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Back to School…

Originally posted on Hen Corner:
Welcome back to Hen Corner, especially to new visitors since our recent feature in The Guardian. I know that the children went back to school last week, but I’m going back to school this week…

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