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Monday 30th April 2018 – Time to sow your cucurbits.

When I filmed this last week, the sun was shining, and the weather was lovely and hot and sunny. Today however, it’s pissing down with rain, blowing a gale, is cold, and generally really nasty weather. So I’m inside looking … Continue reading

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Thursday 26th April 2018 – Sowing Peas.

Peas should be sown successionally, which means, sow a handful one month, then another handful the following month, and keep sowing until August. If you sow your peas this way, then when one lot has finished, the next lot is … Continue reading

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Wednesday 25th April 2018 – Pricking out my cucumber seedlings.

Some of my cucumber seedlings are ready to be pricked out and put into 3 inch pots. It’s very easy to do. Now they’re in larger pots, they’ll have more space to spread their roots.

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Sunday 22nd April 2018 – Emily doesn’t do manual labour.

Conveniently today Mark had to go to London. Apparently he was going to see a friends film (so he tells me), but I think it was just an excuse so he didn’t have to shovel more manure from the stables. … Continue reading

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Wednesday 18th April 2018 – My iPhone doesn’t like the heat, but I do!

Today was another scorcher of a day, so what better way to spend the afternoon than in the greenhouse pricking out seedlings and sowing a few more seeds. The greenhouses are filling up nicely, so I feeling like I’m making … Continue reading

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Monday 16th April 2018 – Lots more sowing!

A gorgeous sunny day today, and lovely and warm as well. Dear weather, please keep this up I’m very happy. Sorry if it was raining where you live today. I spent much of the afternoon in the greenhouse sowing more … Continue reading

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Sunday 15th April 2018 – An hour to spare.

The sun is shining and everything is right with the world. I have an hour to spare before we go to the cinema, so I can either do some ironing (boring!) or I can go in the greenhouse and sow … Continue reading

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