Wednesday 18th April 2018 – My iPhone doesn’t like the heat, but I do!

Today was another scorcher of a day, so what better way to spend the afternoon than in the greenhouse pricking out seedlings and sowing a few more seeds. The greenhouses are filling up nicely, so I feeling like I’m making progress.IMG_4561

I also managed to find my greenhouse thermometer today, so hung that up in a shady spot in one of the greenhouses. The temperature outside today was about 22 degrees, but inside the greenhouse it got to a sweltering 37!! The doors and the windows of the greenhouses are open from first thing in the morning, and then I close them again just before it gets dark. I was in one greenhouse pricking out seedlings, and had the Bose speaker and my phone in the shade, but it was too hot for them, so I had to put them outside the greenhouse and in the shade. One of the chickens followed me into a greenhouse, but then quickly left as they realised it was too hot. Maybe they felt like they were in an oven?IMG_4558

I pricked out lots of flower seedlings, mainly the Cosmos varieties and the Nasturtiums. I’ve put each flower seedling in a 3 inch pot. They’ll have plenty of room now to stretch their roots and grow lovely and strong.


I also pricked out a load of tomato seedlings and have also planted one seedling per 3 inch pot. I did make a video on pricking out my tomato seedlings, I just need to edit it and get Mark to download it to YouTube. Hopefully it’ll be up early next week.

I also sowed some more Pumpkins “Polar Bear” and some Peas “Kelvedon Wonder”. Lots of other seedlings are coming through the soil, which is very exciting. At the moment I’m all up to date with pricking out, but give it a week and I’ll have lots more to do.

Time to have a bath before I go out bell ringing tonight, I’m very dirty and a little bit smelly.

Oh, and 5 tonnes of top soil arrived this morning, so tomorrow I’ll start moving that into one of the raised beds. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter, so I may have to inflict my pale white legs to the world, so sorry about that!

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1 Response to Wednesday 18th April 2018 – My iPhone doesn’t like the heat, but I do!

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, we here in Nebraska are finally basking in the sunshine and warm temperatures. Not quite as warm as you have been experiencing but nice 60F (15.5C) degree temperatures. Finally, I’ve been able to set my plants outside to beginning hardening them off. Rain has been a little dire but hopefully that will come as Spring progresses. Planting will start today or tomorrow with potatoes, onions, and lettuce. I really love this time of the year, don’t you?

    Have a great day filling your raised beds and playing in the green house.

    Nebraska Dave

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