Seeds from all over.

Now I don’t only get my seeds from one seed company, I get them from various different places. Some people give me seed packet that they have, and aren’t going to use. Which is fabulous.

So, here are some photos of the seed packets for March sowing. Hope you find them useful.

Mr Fothergills Seeds

D T Brown Seeds
Moles Seeds
And ones I’m classing as Odds and Sods

I’ll try to do this every month, so you can see where I get them from.

Take care in the weird and bizarre time, and take each day as it comes, and enjoy your garden. They’ll never stop me playing in mine.

Claire xxx

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Mid March update 2020

Yes I know it’s a little later than the middle of March, but as I say, better late than never.

Lots is now starting to happen in the garden and greenhouses, so come with me, and let’s all take a look together.

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Meet Claire 1 Big Shed Burgess

For those of you who know the Monty Python sketch, Arthur ‘2 Sheds’ Jackson,

I am proud to say, that as I child I was bought up listening to Monty Python, Hancock’s Half hour and many other wonderful comedies.

I was asked by Waltons to give some advice on what sort of shed you should have, so here’s what I suggested.


Have a great weekend in the garden, that is if you can get out in it, and don’t have rain or snow.

Take care,

Claire xx

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Mid February update.

It’s the middle of February, so you know what that means……yes it’s time for another update.

Come and see how everything is getting along, and what seeds I’m sowing this month…

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Early February update….

The first month of the 2020 has gone, and now we’re into February. I’m busy in the garden, so come and see what I’m up to…..

Have any of the seeds started to germinate yet?

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Mid January 2020 update

And so it begins………

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And so the seed sowing begins! – Saturday 18th January 2020

Well this seasons seed sowing has begun. I had a lovely time in the garden, and greenhouses this afternoon, and got loads done. It’s now too dark to be outside (can’t see what Im doing), so I’m in here writing this especially for you, yes you……aren’t you lucky!

I’ve given both greenhouses a good tidy up and all the trays are in my staging units. Any old plants from last year that I’d not had chance to sort out at the end of last season have now been cleared, and I had a couple of boxes of bits and pieces that needed sorting out, and I managed to also do those.

So (no pun intended, sorry) the seeds that I’ve sown are as follows: The first of the vegetables: Onions “Exhibition”, Leeks “Musselburgh“. The it was onto a few herbs: Dill and Chives. And finally a few flowers: Sweet peas “Old Fashioned Cottage Mixed”, Lobelia “Crystal Palace”, and a few varieties of Aquilegia’s “Blue Star”, “William Guinness”, and “F1 Spring Magic Mixed“.

Well that’s a good start to a very busy year.

Happy gardening!

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