Chit! It’s potato time!!

Now is the time to start chitting your seed potatoes. It’s a very important part of growing your potatoes, as it allows small shoots to start forming before you plant your seed potatoes in the ground.

Here’s how I’m chitting my potatoes this year

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Free plastic seed trays!

Gardening can be a bit of an expensive hobby, but there are ways that you can save a few quid. When you buy any food products from your local shops, check out the packaging that it comes in. Food is wrapped in far too much packaging, but if something is in a plastic tray, why not save it, and they reuse it to sow some seeds. These are the few I found when I did my latest shop and I’m putting them to good use.

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A treat of mealworms….

It’s always good to give your chickens a little treat. They have been very good in taking their worming medicine. I went and brought then some live mealworms from Pets at Home. Come and see what they thought of them.

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We had one of those Youtube live show thingies on the podcast this week…

It’s a great book, I’m reading it and loving it.

Mark Stay Writes

I’m often stopped in the street and asked, “Hey, Mark. How do those Youtube live show thingies work on the podcast? They look so much fun. How can I get involved, man?”

And I say, “Dude, it’s an exclusive for our Patreon thingy supporters. They get first dibs on all sorts of cool stuff, like the Youtube live shows where they can ask me and Mr. D questions about writing and publishing and stuff, and interact with us via the miracle medium of the Youtubes. We talked about how long your project should be, how to find other writers who will give you feedback, the kinds of deals a debut author can expect from a publishers and tips on building your mailing list, and there’s a whole long debate about swearing. It’s a fuckin’ gas, baby.”

“But can’t I just download the edited highlights a week later on the…

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Come and meet the new members of the family!

It’s been a busy weekend. We drove to Foal Farm, Biggin Hill on Sunday to pick up 4 more ex battery hens. It’s was a dry day, and very quiet. That was until we arrived and all you could hear was the sad cries of loads of naked chickens who desperately wanted a new home and some love.

We went prepared with a large box and I had booked to pick up 4. As with our last lot of chickens we got them from the BHWT. They rescue chickens from the egg production line and give them new homes with families. The hens are about 18 months old and are apparently past their best? We’ve had our first lot of girls for 3 years now, and they’re still laying, not every day, but they’re still happy. They’re pets and that’s all that counts.

It was time to get a few more to add to our little lot, let’s hope they all get on with each other.

Our new ladies aren’t very pretty at all. They’re naked, scared of everything, jittery, won’t go outside unless made to, and need loads of TLC. They’ll get loads from us. Hopefully in a few weeks time they’ll settle and not be quite so jumpy.

Come and meet the family……

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Thompson & Morgan – Blogs to Inspire you!

Last week I received an email from Thompson and Morgan to ask if they could add me to their blog post this month.

Obviously I said yes!! I’m so chuffed, made my day.

If you’ve not seen it, click HERE. Scroll down a bit until you see “Claire’s Allotment”.

Happy gardening! Claire xxx

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Delia Smith’s Seville Orange Marmalade

I’ve been making Seville Orange Marmalade for many years now. I love marmalade on toast, waffles, toasted scones or toasted tea cakes. Homemade marmalade is so much better than any shop bought ones. Yes I know there’s a lot of sugar in marmalade, but I only have it at the weekends, and a jar lasts me a very long time, so I feel it’s not too naughty when 5lb – 6lb of marmalade lasts an entire year.

The best marmalade is made with seville oranges. Seville oranges are only available during January, and usually come from Spain, hence the name. They are very bitter, so you can’t eat them as you would normal oranges. Ask your local greengrocers if they can get you some, as supermarkets tend not to stock them. My local greengrocers had a huge mound of seville oranges when I went looking for them, which I was incredibly pleased to see. I didn’t buy them all, as that would have been a bit silly and there wouldn’t have been some for anyone else.

Seville oranges are quite cheap, because the Spanish don’t use them, so ship them mainly over to the UK. Our climate is too cold for us to be able to grow them in the UK which is a shame.

Whenever I make my marmalade I always use Delia Smith’s recipe. I works perfectly every time. Your house will smell fabulous while the marmalade is bubbling away. It takes a little bit of time to make, but is absolutely worth it.

Click HERE for the recipe I use.

And as Paddington Bear says “Every home should have a marmalade day!”


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