How to grow French beans.

Have you ever wanted to know how to grow your very own French beans? If the answer is yes, then I have some wonderful news for you. My latest ebook is all about French beans. Click HERE and it’ll take you straight to it.

I’ll tell you how to prepare your soil, what structures to use, my favourite varieties, when to sow them, when to plant them out, how to look after them, how to harvest them, and a scrumptious recipe for you as well.

Now is the perfect time to start sowing your French bean seeds, so take a look at my latest book and it’ll give you everything  you need to know.

Happy growing!!

Claire x

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Claire’s Allotment Essentials – Carrots ebook is out!

I’ve been a very busy girl lately with my writing. My latest ebook on everything you need to know about growing your own CARROTS is available now. Click HERE and the link will take you straight to my page.

Don’t forget I also have my Essentials guide on how to grow POTATOES, and also an Essentials guide on how to grow ONIONS.

I hope you enjoy them, and find them useful.  I would really appreciate it if you could please leave a comment and a star rating as well.

Happy gardening and I’ve already started on my next book which will be out very soon.

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A Good Friday at Polesden Lacey

It’s hot cross bun day!! So what better thing to do then have some for breakfast, and then go out for the day as a family. Once we were all ready we drove to Polesden Lacey to have a wander about. It’s a National Trust place and we’ve not visited it for a couple of years, so it was good to go back. It was very busy, which we expected, and the first hurdle once we’d parked was to figure out the new parking machines. Now before, what you would do is, as long as you had your sticker on your car window then you didn’t have to visit the machines. Easy, simple, no hassle what so ever. Now, you have to get a ticket from the machine. It’s still free as long as you have your membership card. But oh dear lordy, lordy, it’s so fiddly. First you have to press “Any key”. Now we couldn’t see a key named “Any”, so we just pressed a key. Then you have to push the button to say you’re a visitor, then scan your card, and then finally a ticket is printed for you which you have to go and put on your dash board. What a palaver!! There are 2 machines and both had queues. Look National Trust, I love visiting your places very much, but there is a saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

We finally got in to Polesden Lacey, and off we went to explore. There were lots of kids running round doing some kind of easter egg hunt, but we wandered off, without a map, to find somewhere quiet to have out picnic lunch. Polesden Lacey is lovely. There are plenty of things to explore. On our travels we saw a beautiful rock garden with paths meandering through it. George being George had to follow the paths.


You know in a previous life I think George was a dog. The reason for this is because he has to go for a good run at least twice a day, and where ever we go he always has to find a stick. There were other things discussed but I’m not going to talk about those here.

We sat down and had our lunch and looked at the views around us, which are so beautiful and calming. After lunch we continued on our exploring venture and found the vegetable garden, all of which looks very bare because it’s the beginning of the season. I’ll have to go back  again in July/August time to see it in full growth. We found the chickens that looked very happy in their large run. It’s surrounded by an electric fence, and George wondered if he would get a shock from the fence if he touched it with his wooden stick. How that boys manages to get through a day at school without injuring himself I’ll never know. Although I do sometimes get calls from his school, which I dread. Last time, about 2 months ago, he broke his finger during a PE lesson. I dread seeing his schools name come up on my phone.

After walking round for a little bit longer, we ended our day out going to the cafe to get the kids and ice cream and Mark and I had a hot drink each. Then it was time to come home. It was lovely for Mark to be able to come with us today. Usually he’s at work and the kids and I have all the fun, so today he was able to come and enjoy it with us.


Happy Easter everyone, enjoy your hot cross buns today, and your chocolate easter eggs on Sunday, and spending this long weekend with friends and family.

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Friday 31st March 2017 – The end of an era.

This is a little bit sad, but I need to share it with you. Today was my last official day on my allotment plots. After 11 years I am leaving because we are moving house very soon. Don’t panic I will return, but it may be a couple of months before you see me again. We are moving a distance away from where we live at the moment, but in our new place we will have a much larger garden, and Mark and the kids have told me that I can do what ever I like with it. I love them all so very much. They clearly know how much gardening means to me. Let mum garden, it keeps her calm!

So for one last time from my allotment plots in Surrey here goes. Thank you for watching and commenting you really have made it more fun than I could ever have imagined it to be. I would also like to thank everyone on the allotment site. I have made so many wonderful friends and we have swapped so many stories and information, I will miss you all very much indeed.

Next time I see you, I’ll be in my new garden, and I’m hoping that you will join me there, not actually in the garden itself, but via the magic of You Tube!!


Subscribe to my HERE for my FREE newsletter and I also how ebooks available, so if you would like to know how to grow Potatoes or Onions I can help.

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Roasted onions with pancetta & parmesan

Have you ever wanted to grow your own onions? Well why not buy my latest ebook: Claire’s Allotment Essentials Onions. It’ll tell you everything you need to know and includes a wonderful recipe at the back. It’s only 99p!! I also have an ebook on Potatoes again with a wonderful recipe in as well.

Here is an amazing onion recipe for you to try.

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Tuesday 7th March 2017 – Let’s lance that broccoli!

A glorious day today, so where better to spend the morning than up the allotment. Lots more sorting out again today, it’s surprising what you accumulate over 11 years! This time I broke down the large compost heap I have, and spread the contents out in some neighbouring beds. The outside of the compost heap was made from old wooden pallets, but over the years the bottoms have rotted away. So when I pulled them up the bottom of the pallet stayed on the ground. I loaded more stuff into the car, all wood this time, and took that off to the recycling centre. I also harvested some more of my sprouting broccoli “Lancer Mixed”. Here’s how I did it, it’s very easy…

We’ll have that with dinner tonight and I’ll sauté it like I did before. Here’s how I cooked it, just incase you missed it before….

As the weather is very slowly warming up I also noticed that my rhubarb is starting to come through, which means that spring is nearly here.


So another busy morning. I won’t be able to get back down to the allotment until Friday as I’m working the next couple of days. Still it’s not going anywhere. Let’s hope the weather stays fine.

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Red Onion & Potato Rosti

Are you fed up with cooking your potatoes the same old way? Then why not try making a potato rosti instead. It sounds complicated, but really it’s very easy. Follow my easy to follow instructions and people will think that you’ve spent hours making something so wonderful and tasty.

If you want to know more about this recipe and how to grow your own potatoes at home, then please click HERE  to download my ebook.

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