Easter weekend 7th – 10th April 2023!

It was practically a 4 day weekend, although I did work on Good Friday, but only for a couple of hours so that was ok. The rest of the long weekend was spent doing all sorts of things, mainly in the garden.

George was back home for Easter and it was wonderful to see him and have just the 5 of us over the weekend. Easter is never a big thing in our house, it’s mainly a time to get lots of things on my ‘To do’ list done, which I did.

The weather was a little bit “meh” for some of the weekend as the kids put it sometimes. Friday was spent food shopping and general house chores.

Saturday it rained a bit in the morning, so George and I spent the morning baking Easter treats.

And the afternoon was sunny so George and I went in the garden and laid a paving slab path together. He’s such a helpful little chap to his mummy.

The plants are enjoying the warmer weather and light rain, the tulips are starting to open which means Summer isn’t far off.

Saturday evening we all went to the cinema to see Superman: The Movie, you know the best one with Christopher Reeve. There is something so special about seeing that moving on the big screen, which was a first for all of us. The music, the classic swooshing of the credits at the beginning, the red pants on the outside of your trousers. When George was little it was his favourite film and he wore his Superman outfit all day, everyday. When that was in the wash I did what I could with the rest of his clothes. I was even asked in the playground at school if he actually owned any clothes. He did, but he chose not to wear them. He wore his Superman outfit to the Natural History Museum, IKEA and to Gatwick Airport. If we lost him we knew exactly what he was wearing. Did I lose him? Well that’s for me to know and you to never find out. He’s like a pigeon, he homes.

I also managed to get a little bit of my birthday Lego started. It’s a fiddly little bugger of a one to do but it’s great fun. Doubt I’ll finish it this weekend but little and often is the key.

Sunday Mark and George went to Star Wars Celebration at the Excel centre. This is our birthday present to him. He’s going to be 21 at the end of April. Yes that little chap rubbing his nose dressed in his Superman outfit is going to be 21! How did that happen? George got to meet his Darth Vader hero Hayden Christensen. He also bought some more Lego and various other bits. He works hard so he can spend his money.

While they were off in London or Star Wars land, I rang a quarter peal at once church from 7am-8am, had a fry up, and then rung at my home tower from 9.30am-10am. I was home a little before 10.30, so after a cup of tea and maybe another hot crossed bun I spent the rest of the day (it was glorious sunshine) in the garden. I weeded, tidied, pricked out, spread wood chips along the back path, chatted to the chickens, sowed seeds and generally got loads done and had a wonderful time.

The boys were back home for dinner so Easter Sunday dinner was my version of the French Cassoulet. It was very tasty and delicious and just what we all needed after our exhausting days.

Monday was typical Bank Holiday weather, yes it rained. So it was time to do a bit more baking. I’m going on a canal boat holiday in May, with 7 other bell ringers, and I volunteered to do the afternoon tea food, so I’ve been baking and putting it in the freezer so it’ll be perfect for when we need it. When we’re set up for the tea I’ll take photos and post them on Facebook for you all to see.

Back to work Tuesday after a lovely long and well deserved Easter break.

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend also.

Happy gardening

Claire xx

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