Claire’s Allotment May 2023 Update

Well what a weekend that was. Busy busy.

Mark and I were away for the weekend, which is generally all the holiday we get together at the moment as we’re both just so busy.

We drove, or rather Mark did all the driving, down to Hampshire late Friday afternoon once I’d finished work. We had dinner at the hotel and then an early night. On the Saturday we visited the Gardeners’ World Spring fair at Beaulieu. One of the clients that I garden for surprised me by very generously buying a couple of tickets as a thank you for all the hard work I do in their garden.

As we were driving the short distance from the hotel to Beaulieu we had to pull over to watch the horses and the cows wandering over the heath. The New Forest is the most glorious place and these animals just wander into the road whenever they please. Still we’re used to the local wildlife in the road where we live so it’s not a problem for us.

We finally arrived at the show and what a wonderful time we had and the weather was perfect. I am now full of all sorts of ideas for my garden.

We not only walked round and inspected (well I inspected Mark just carried my bags) each stall, and I’m sure I spent far too much money, but we also went into the motor museum and walked around the house and gardens. Wow what a lot of walking we did that day. My knees at the end were not very happy, especially on the walk back up to the car. But it was all worth it.

After a lovely dinner and another early night I was ready for what Sunday was going to bring us.

In the morning I rang at All Saints’, Hordle. They were a wonderfully friendly bunch of ringers and I thanked them very much for letting me join them. I was asked ‘So how long have you been ringing?’ Subtracting on a Sunday morning is not easy so I replied ‘Since 1986’. There was a stunned silence, so I quickly replied ‘But Sunday isn’t right without ringing first thing.’ As I arrived a little early I had a wander around the churchyard. They really are the most beautiful places.

Once I got back to the hotel Mark and I packed all our bits up and then headed to go and see our son George at university as it was his 21st birthday that day.

We took him out for lunch at Wagamamas and then back to his house to sing happy birthday and have some cake. A couple of his housemates were there as well so they joined in. I left the cake with him to share with his friends later and was sent a drunken video about 10pm of them all singing to him.

We left George around 4pm as he was going bowling with his mates. We arrived home about 7.30pm exhausted.

Monday was spent food shopping and various chores. The afternoon was spent in the garden. Lots to sort out, prick out, water, plants, weed….the list goes on.

Here’s my May update which I hope you find useful.

Have a wonderful week,

Claire xx

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