Sunday 15th April 2018 – An hour to spare.

The sun is shining and everything is right with the world. I have an hour to spare before we go to the cinema, so I can either do some ironing (boring!) or I can go in the greenhouse and sow some flower seeds (I think I’ll do that instead).

Flowers are very important in the garden and on the vegetable patch as they attract pollinators and are also help keep some of the horrible creepy crawlies away.

In the afternoon I had just an hour to spare before we went to the cinema to go and see A Quiet Place. An excellent film if you’ve not seen it yet. But back to the flower seeds. I had quite a few packets to get through, and didn’t manage to sow them all, so will have to do the rest on Monday. Here’s what I sowed so far, and hopefully they’ll give the garden a lovely splash of colour throughout the summer and into the autumn.

Larkspur “Giant Imperial”, Gypsophila “Monarch White”, Poppy “Shirley Single Mixed”, Poppy “Maanzaad”, Nigella “Persian Jewels”, Cottage Garden Cut Flower Mix, Candytuft “Fairy Mixed”, Cornflower “Tall Mixed”, Wild Flowers of California (which I got from the States when we went over, should I have bought them back?), Sunflowers “Giant Single”, Sunflowers “Titan”, Sunflower “Kong”, Sunflower “Russian Giant”, the race is on as to which one will grow tallest, Sunflower “Colour Parade” and finally a Kew Garden wild flower seed mix.

They’ll be lots to prick out later on, but it’ll be worth it when I can sit in my garden and look at it’s beauty.


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1 Response to Sunday 15th April 2018 – An hour to spare.

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, yes, I know that I should incorporate flowers in my garden and I always have intention but I just never have actually done it. I came close last year but alas the flat of Marigolds that I started died in the tray on the backyard picnic table from neglect. So maybe this year I’ll actually get them planted before the summer heat dries them out again.

    Have a great garden flower seed planting day.

    Nebraska Dave

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