More for Thursday 12th April 2018 – Sowing a few more seeds.

The greenhouses are filling up slowly as I sow more seeds. Some have started to germinate which is always exciting to see. The fog is still with us, but hopefully tomorrow will be brighter.

I spent the afternoon in the garden, firstly lining the inside of the raised beds with cardboard. I had some cardboard boxes left over from our move (they did have the greenhouse glass in them) and they were the perfect size. I opened them up flat and have secured them to the inside of the railway sleepers. Some were very large and needed to be cut in half. The easiest way to cut a cardboard box, is with a saw, who new?


I’ve managed to hunt down some good manure, and it’s at a stables less than 5 minutes walk from our house! Can you believe it? Hopefully I can pick some up this weekend, and then I can order some soil. The raised beds are getting there slowly, but hopefully soon I can start planting.

Once I’d finished with the cardboard, I then went in the greenhouse and sowed some more seeds. Firstly some Broad Beans “Express Eleonora“. I sowed some in half toilet rolls, but soon ran out, so I sowed the rest in 3 inch pots. I’ll keep you posted on their progress. Then another variety of Tomato “Red Alert”, I feel that this is something they should grow on the USS Enterprise in Star Trek. The captain is always saying  “Red Alert!”, maybe he’s not worried about his ship being attacked, maybe he just wants some tomatoes?


Then some more Spinach “Medania or Popeye”, and finally some more Mixed Lettuce , but this time they’re “Red Lettuce leaves”.

A chilly day, especially with the fog. I know the sun is there somewhere, but I just wish it would stop hiding, and come and play.



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1 Response to More for Thursday 12th April 2018 – Sowing a few more seeds.

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, not much to do here. Sowing seeds continues as I watch the snow fall outside. It’s the craziest Spring ever. I’m usually working in short sleeve shirts in the garden by now but not this year. I’ve only been to the garden three times so far this Spring. I’m not sure what the garden year will be like. The gloomy skies are starting to wear on a lot of people here. It’s interesting how weather can have an effect on attitudes. Maybe this next week will be the season turn around week.

    Have a great day planting seeds in the green house.

    Nebraska Dave

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