Time to sow some Window Sill Herbs.

When it’s cold outside, and the ground is too cold to dig, what’s the best thing to do? Plant some herbs to put on the window sill.

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4 Responses to Time to sow some Window Sill Herbs.

  1. Lovely glad your pots did not have holes in a way as i got 3 with out holes so now i will see what herbs i can put in mind have a blessed day

  2. ronald allen says:

    o…..yes……..very cold here ….. we are going through a drought state wide water shortage ……have been growing dill and fennel in small growing containers …….will plant in February

    • I hope your drought doesn’t last too long. We’ve had a bit of cold weather, but nothing bad, just a couple of frosts. It’s a bit chilly today at around 9 degrees. We’ve had a tiny sprinkle of snow, but not enough to make a snowman with, and it was gone in a couple of hours.

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