Tuesday 6th August 2013 – Petworth House and the Beach!!

Well today I promised the kids we’d go to the beach, but on the way we’d pop into a National Trust place on the way. It’s always best to do the beach last, as you know that sand can get everywhere. So we packed up a blanket, 3 chairs, metal detector (George thinks he’ll find some treasure), trowel (to dig up the treasure), swim wear for the kids (I was just going to have a paddle), sun cream, extra clothes, and a couple of towels. We got in the car, to go and get some fuel, and lunch to take with us, and drove to Petworth House and Gardens. It’s such a lovely place. When we go there it was lunch time, so we sat and ate our lunch in the gardens and then went in the house to play the game “What painting would look best in our lounge”, and as there were lots of marble statues, “What statue would scare the neighbours the most”. We found some lovely contenders for each game, my favourite was a statue of a man holding a spear. George (being a boy) was very giggly about the males statues….dangly bits. Why, I don’t know, he’s got some!! Anyway they found some costumes to dress up in, and after Emily was a bit hesitant to start with, she soon joined in the fun. We wandered round for a couple of hours, and then drove on to West Wittering Beach. I’ve never been to this particular beach before, but it was recommended by my friend Sally. It’s brilliant. A mass expanse of sand, and loads of room. We arrived as the sea was half way out, so loads of the beach was available. The kids were straight in the sea, I lost sight of them several times, but I knew they were safe as they were together, and the sea goes out so gradually and there is no current. You can go out for about half a mile, and still be only up to your shins. The parking at the beach is great also. You end up parking in a field, but not far from the beach, about a 2 minute walk, which is brilliant. It’s £6.50 for the whole day, and there’s a decent loo, first aid building, life guards, so you’re well looked after. We stayed for about 3 hours, and had an ice cream before we left, and as we drove to my sisters (she’s on holiday and I’m watering her garden) we played the number plate game. If you don’t know what this is, you take the letters of the car number plate in front

Prince George and Princess Emily of Surrey.

Prince George and Princess Emily of Surrey.

of you and make up a phrase. So say: MNK 405P (a car my dad had when I was young) My New Knees Ping!! Try it next time you’re in a traffic jam, it’s a great way to keep the kids entertained. You can of course think of rude ones, we usually do!! Then it was home for Fish and Chips. George snuggled up to me and said, “Thanks for taking me to the beach.” Don’t you just love him, well I do anyway.

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