Special offers at Victoriana Nursery Gardens.

Check out the latest special offers at Victoriana Nursery Gardens.

We’ve reached our 50th Birthday – yes, on the 17 July 1963 Jo and Jerry Shirley first moved to Challock and started selling plants. 50 years on, we’re still here doing the same thing! 

Time For Sowing & Planting Herbs?

Its scary to think we’re already in August – but we are! Of course now is a time to be sitting back and enjoying your efforts from earlier in the year – but now is also the perfect time for establishing a herb garden. Virtually all the herb plants we supply are large enough to start cropping from the day you plant – making this instant gardening! And for the ‘softer’ herbs such as Basil, Dill and Coriander this prolonged warm spell means sowing will get off to a roaring start!

To get you off to a roaring start with herbs we’d like to offer you…

20% Off Herb Seeds

20% Off Herb Plants

To claim these fantastic discounts simply use the offer code AUG13 between now and the 18th August 2013.

Nursery News

As we’ve said, our most important recent news has been reaching our 50th birthday. In other news, we’ve done a lot of watering in July! This has more than slowed us down on some of our other planned projects – but keeping things alive always has to take priority.

But one of the biggest benefits of the warm weather this year is that our Tomatoes are more advanced – not a bad thing as it is our Tomato Tasting Day next Saturday (10 August).

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