Thursday 1st August 2013 – And so the fencing begins…..

The time has finally come, and I have 4 lovely men working incredibly hard in this heat to replace all our fencing back and front, that has been in for over 10 years, and is falling apart. They ripped all the fencing out first, very easily I have to admit, and took that away, and now they’re in the process of putting the new fencing up. Nearly one side of the back is done, and they’re trying to take out the horrible concrete posts that the Council had in the front of all their properties. My garden is looking a little disorganised, as I’ve had to move all the pots and various other things to the middle of the garden, so they can easily get to the fencing. A few bits have ended up in my neighbours garden, but they’re away on holiday at the moment, so it doesn’t matter. I don’t like things messy, so I’m finding this a little stressful at the moment. I know it’ll only last a few days, and the garden will look so much neater when it’s finished. They’re very polite, and won’t come through the house as their shoes may be dirty, so they always go the long way round. They arrived at just after 7.30am (we were all still in our nightwear), and have worked solidly through, without stopping even for lunch. I’m keeping them fed with cake, and lots of tea, coffee and cold drinks. I don’t know when they’ll finish, but they expect my fencing to take a couple of days to complete. I’ll post a picture of when it’s all done.

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4 Responses to Thursday 1st August 2013 – And so the fencing begins…..

  1. ‘Tis always a good plan to keep workmen full of cake and tea 🙂 Hope the weather holds so they can finish your fence and you can get your garden back to normal.

    • They’ve just left on their second day at just after 4pm (they did start at 7.45am). All they have to do on Monday is to put the front gate on, and the final fence panel at the back. But for that to go in we’ve got to empty and then move the bicycle shed. That’s our job for the weekend. Oh, so much fun. But now I can go out and put the garden back together.

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