Sunday 5th February 2023 – What’s new garden buddies? Whoa, whoa, whoa!

So another gardening year has begun and there is lots to do. I’m going to start making videos again this year, but only at the beginning of each month (while the growing season is upon us, not much really happens in December and January). I’ll be telling you what I’ll be doing that month and showing you various little bits.

Over the winter it has been a busy time in our garden/household. Sadly we lost Victoria, my beautiful little afternoon cuddle buddy. I miss her she was so beautiful and kind hearted. She’s now sleeping in one of my raised beds and will help my plants grow.

So we have 4 brown ex-battery hens and a friend of mine down the end of our road had 4 white chickens that they could no longer look after due to work commitments so I’ve got those as well. They’re still living in separate houses, but see each other a lot. I’ve divided one of the brassica cages up so they are close to one another but can’t fight. There was lots of noise today when I did this for the first time and some fluffed feathers through the wire. Hopefully soon they’ll settle and I can put them in all together and get my patio back.

So while they were playing, and complaining, in the brassica cage I was in the greenhouse sowing various seeds. I’ll list them all for you and put links to the various varieties, slightly further down is my new video to help you, if you need it.

The weather was a little on the chilly side, but sunny so that made a huge difference. Because of the bubble wrap on the inside of the greenhouse it was quite warm inside there, although once the sun started to get ready for bedtime, it started to get a little chilly, but fortunately I was finished by then and was back inside.

Even though it’s only February there is a lot to do. I’m not wanting to even look at the March box yet. I still have a few veg in the garden from last year which I’ll harvest soon, namely Leeks, Celeriac and Celery. I’ve dug up all the beetroot, but need to cook those before I freeze them.

I’ll do the seeds in groups of things that go together, so here goes…….

Broad Beans “Aquadulce”. Melons “Sugar Baby”. Parsley “Italian Giant” I’m sowing some now and will sow more each month then I get a good supply throughout the year. Rosemary. Celeriac “Prinz”. Onions “Globo”. Leeks “Musselburgh” and “Elefant”. Tomatoes “Gardener’s Delight”, “Pantono”, “Supermarmande”, “Maskotka” and “Minibel Cocktail“, “Giant Tree”. Sweet Peppers “Blockie Mix”, “Rainbow Mixed” and “Corno di Toro Rosso“. Chillies “Padron”, “Cayenne” and “Longhorn”. And finally a few flowers Pansy “Giant Fancy Mix”. Papaver or Poppy “Red Field Poppy”. And last but by no means least two varieties of Hardy Geraniums “Orchid Blue” and “Reflections” because these are Hardy Perennials they’ll keep growing every year and just get larger and larger.

Here’s the video I made that will hopefully help you with your sowing…….

I will be doing lots of little updates on Facebook on my Claire’s Allotment Facebook page, so keep an eye out for those.

You can also get ahead with knowing what’s coming next year by purchasing my bumper gardening “Claire’s Essentials” book HERE, or any of the little individual “Claire’s Essentials” books HERE

Lottie and Dottie are also getting ready for this years growing season so you can help your little ones enjoy gardening as much as you do with these lovely books HERE. Don’t forget you can also get them signed.

Happy Gardening everyone and all the very best for this coming year xxx

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