Sunday 12th March 2023 – Pricking out and lots of sowing.

Saturday morning was filled with house chores and food shopping, and the afternoon was filled with a bell ringing competition, so there was no time in the day to pop out in the garden. So on Sunday after a little morning ringing (usual) and then a tip trip (not usual) first thing, when I finally got home I was in the garden for the rest of the day.

I finished pricking out the “Elefant” leeks that were large enough. Give it a week or so and the smaller ones will be large enough.

Here’s a video to help you….

The weather is a little interchangeable at the moment, some days are cold, others are lovely and warm. The poor seeds don’t know if they’re coming or going. But some are popping their heads through and are being brave. My first Melon is saying hello so hopefully the rest will follow shortly.

The chillies are also thinking about it but again I think they’re waiting for warmer weather.

Still I had lots more seeds to sow so here goes……

Brassicas first. Brussels Sprouts “Trafalgar”, Kohl Rabi “Kref” and “Green Delicacy”, Calabrese “Ironman”, Cabbage “Greyhound”, Broccoli “Green Calabrese”, Celery “Green Sleeves” and Swiss Chard “Fordhook Giant”.

Whatever brassicas you are sowing, they need to be sown in the same way, this is how I sow mine….

Italian Giant Leaf Parsley is a wonderful herb to grow in a pot either inside on the window sill or outside in the garden. I tend to sow some each month from March through to about September, that way I have a continuous supply throughout the year…..that is unless any bunnies that find their way into the garden don’t eat it first.

Hopefully this video will help you with sowing yours…..

Salad leaves are another one to sow little and often. I’ve got lots of different varieties, so I sowed just a couple this time “Mild Salad Leaves” and Endives. Next month I’ll sow some different varieties.

Here’s how I sow mine…..

Next a few flower seeds. Flowers are incredibly important in the veg patch as they attract pollinators. The ones I’ve sown this month are “Summer Picking Flowers” and Poached Egg Plant…well I do have chickens after all. I sowed these on moist compost and then sprinkled a little more compost on the top.

All the above were sown in seed trays, but the following I sowed in small square pots. I sowed two seeds per pot at diagonal corners. If both seeds germinate, don’t worry about separating them they’ll grow quite happily together.

Winter Squash “Hunter” and some Pumpkins. I’ve mixed all my Pumpkins together, so it’ll be interesting to see which ones I have. Which ever variety you have they need to be sown in the same way. They’re all edible so it doesn’t matter what I get. Make sure you don’t mix ornamental gourds in as they’re inedible.

Here’s how I sow mine….

A few more flowers but this time Nasturtiums “Tall Single”. These I tend to have growing up the canes with my French and Runner beans as they really do bring in the bees. The flowers and leaves are also edible, but they will also grow perfectly well in hanging baskets, pots and up any structure.

And finally the first sowing of the Peas “Shiraz” are the variety I have this year. But whatever variety of pea, mangetout or sugar snap you have, they need to be sown in the same way. Again these I’ll sow a few each month from March until September that way I’ll have a good supply through out the summer and into the autumn.

Here’s how I sow mine….

Apart from spreading a bit more manure and having a quick weed that was all for Sunday. I’ll keep an eye on everything in the greenhouses and hopefully next weekend they’ll be more to do. For many of you who ask me if my greenhouses are heated, the answer is no not artificially. I have bubble wrap on the inside, and use the sun for heating. I don’t use heaters or electricity of any form to germinate my seeds faster. I find that if you let them germinate naturally they seem to be stronger. Maybe that’s me, but that’s my view.

If you missed my March 2023 update then here it is…..

Happy Spring everyone, the clocks change very soon and we’ll finally be in British Summer Time!!!! Yay!!

Have a great week and see you soon xxxx

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