Thursday 9th February 2017 – If it snows you can chit your potatoes!

Another morning on the allotment today sorting out loads more things. I took a car load of stuff up to our local tip. They’re very strict at my tip or recycling centre, as they prefer to be called. You can bring as much recyclable stuff as you like, for example wood, metal, green waste etc. But if you have soil, rubble, basically anything for the “inert” section then you can only bring a small amount or you have to pay. This is a very stupid idea, as it means more people now fly tip! This costs the council more in the long run, so I don’t see what they’re hoping to achieve. Fortunately I only had metal, some general rubbish and mainly wood. The wood are old fence posts, but are crumbling to pieces. The weather was incredibly cold today, so I had on my scarf and wooly hat. Apparently it was 2 degrees, but felt like -1!! It did also try to snow. Thank goodness it was only a few very small flakes, but that’s more than enough thank you. It’s going to get colder over the next couple of days before it warms up again, but only just a tad! So if you’re not mad like me and don’t want to venture outside yet, then you can still do some gardening inside in the warm. Now is the perfect time to start chitting your potatoes, so that they get lovely stumpy shoots on them. Here is how I chit my spuds!

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Wednesday 8th February 2017 – What’s lurking at the bottom of your shed?

Another morning spent on the allotment today, and yet more tidying and sorting out to do. The shed I have on my plot is plastic and old. The door is falling off and to keep it shut I have to tie string around it. Why I didn’t take it down the tip last year I don’t know, but I don’t like change and will keep something until it’s clearly had enough. But today I was brave and emptied out my old shed and broke it down. I had a car full of other stuff, so it’ll have to go down the tip tomorrow. The weather is colder than it’s been, so there I was in my wooly hat pootling along very happily. As I was clearing out my shed I came across some stuff down the bottom that I had completely forgotten was there. Namely a sad pair of wellies. They are a little past it and have been squashed past all recognition so I think they’ll need to go to the great welly boot puddle in the sky.



Then when I finally got to the bottom of the shed and cleared everything out, I realised what a mess the shed was in. It’s only when you clean out your shed you realise how much rubbish you’ve accumulate since the last time you sorted it out. I think it’s been about 3 years since I last sorted out this shed, so a note to myself….tidy shed every year. There were some massive spiders that had made their homes in the bottom of the shed, now they’ll have to scurry on somewhere else to find a new place to live. The slugs and snail, well I really don’t care where they go as long as they don’t eat my plants.


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Monday 6th February 2017 – A good sort out.

It’s always good to have a sort out. Even if it’s just a cupboard or a drawer. But I’m having a thorough sort out of everything on my allotment plot and getting rid of anything that’s past its best. So when the new season starts I’ll have everything ready and they’ll be no extra crap that I don’t need. I’m going through each bed thoroughly and taking away anything that I don’t want and I’ve started to go through the shed that I have. Now I have no idea how it’s still holding together, but it is. I do have a new shed and once I’ve cleared the old one I’ll transfer my tools to the new one. I’ve also emptied out 3 of my small compost bins and have spread the contents over the rhubarb. Anything that hadn’t rotted down properly I’ve moved to the green waste pile on the site. Now is a good time to get everything cleaned and tidy before you start again for the new season. So that was one trip to the tip today with a car full of stuff, tomorrow I’ll do some more and as long as the weather is kind I’ll keep going until it’s all done.

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Carrie Fisher Tribute

For our family it was a huge shock when Carrie Fisher passed away at the end of last year. We are massive Star Wars fans in our house and it was a sad day for all. We will all look forward to seeing Star Wars VIII when it comes out in the cinema. As a tribute to Carrie Fisher we chimed the Star Wars theme tune at the end of our bell ringing practice the other week. Whoever said bell ringers are boring, clearly hasn’t met the band I ring with. Thank you so much to the other ringers who made this possible.

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Thursday 29th December 2016 – An empty wasps nest!

After the Christmas feasting, it’s good to get back outside. Firstly for a bit of fresh air, but secondly for a bit of exercise. When I went to the allotment today there was no one else about. Why would there be, it was cold and frosty. But me being me, I went up to see if I could do anything. There’s always something that needs to be done in the garden. Sure enough I found some things to do, and I’m sharing them with you now. I hope you enjoy. If I don’t see you before the end of the year, I hope you have a wonderful New Years Celebrations and see you in 2017!!

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Rogue One – the fanboys have taken over the asylum (spoilers agogo!)

Mark Stay Writes

Be ye warned, I have all the spoilers in the article below and we can only proceed on the assumption that you’ve seen Rogue One: A Star Wars story and stayed awake to the very end.

Are we cool…?

Very well.

Let us begin with a trailer showing a ton of shots that did not make it to the finished film…

I’ve seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story twice now, and I enjoyed it very much.

There has been chatter, some negative, about the stream of in-jokes and easter-eggs in the film, and no one has summarised this better than Adam Roberts in this article. But, despite all the scaremongering news of reshoots and rewrites (like this was the first film ever to suffer this), we have been gifted a very enjoyable film.

I’ve seen plenty of rave reviews, some saying it’s the best Star Wars film for thirty-odd years, though I wouldn’t go…

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Thursday 8th December 2016 – I wonder what happened?

When I was tidying the back garden this weekend, I needed to prune the tree at the end of our garden, and the only way to get to it all, is to stand on the shed roof. I’m not scared of heights, and yes I was very careful. As I was pruning, I noticed nestled tightly in between some of the larger branches was a very small birds nest. I would like to think that it was used this year. It wasn’t there last year, as I prune the tree every year. Then once that was done I then went to investigate the nesting box I have attached to the shed. In the spring there were Great Tits busy going in and out, and I was really hoping for some more babies. The camera is no longer working, so I was waiting to hear the little tweets of babies as the hatched. But something must have gone wrong. The adult birds suddenly disappeared, and I found a wonderful nest, but sadly lots of bird skeletons inside. WARNING!! If you don’t like anything macabre, then please don’t watch. I don’t want anyone to get upset, but I felt that I should show you, as I find it fascinating.

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