Live long and prosper Mrs Tiggy-winkle

While clearing the corner of the garden, I can across some holes to a possible animal hidey hole under ground. Then as I was clearing more of the debris, I came across a skeleton of a hedgehog. It had been dead for a very long time, so it wasn’t me. Just thought you would like to see, it’s fascinating. However, if you don’t like looking at that sort of thing feel free to close your eyes, or skip through that part.

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Planting little baby JA’s and starting the mound.

Another day to play in the garden. It is hard work, honestly, but because I enjoy it, it’s rather fun. I’m very luck to be able to do this, when everyone else works so hard at school and work. But I am also the local taxi service, to and from the train station, which is 4 miles away. There’s no other way to get there, except walk, and no one wants to do that at 6am. You have to sacrifice some things, when you live in the middle of know where. So today in the garden I planted some Jerusalem Artichokes that I dug up from my allotment, and planted in pots and kept in the greenhouse. The large chokes that I dug up had rotted away, but had left some little baby chokes behind. So I planted those in the prepared raised bed, and then started clearing the mound. I wonder if I’ll find anything, and how far I’ll get? How much rubbish is there going to be? That’s the big question…….

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Let’s cover up the gardens nakedness….

Gardening is a bit like decorating a room. There is an awful lot of preparation to do before you can start to hang the new wall paper. You have to strip the old paper off, wash down the walls, fill in any holes, sand down the walls, wash the walls again, and then you’re ready to start hanging the new wall paper. I know, I’ve done it so many times. Luckily in our new house we just need to paint the walls, so that’s great. Gardening is very similar. It takes a lot of preparation before you can start planting. Even a small bed takes a while. You have to remove any unwanted vegetation and it’s roots, prune the plants you want to keep, clear the soil of any rubbish and large stones, make sure the soil is suitable for replanting, and then when all that is finally done you can start planting. Today was the day that I could finally plant under the willow tree. It’s taken a while to get it ready, but today the willow tree got some new neighbours, and today was they all moved in. All went well with the moving team (namely me, my trowel and my watering can), and now they’re all settled, and hopefully they’ll all get along very well.

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The first plants are in…..

I feel that my plan is slowly coming together. I’ve done my first planting in a newly created bed. I’m so excited. Fortunately I managed to get everything done before the thunder came and the heavens opened.


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A big, ballsy declaration (don’t be chicken)

Mark Stay Writes

Howdy, this month’s chicken centrefold is Giz. Say hello to Giz…

IMG_1678 Visitors are always welcome to the writing room…

We’ve learned quite a few things on the Bestseller Experiment podcast, but the one lesson that’s really chimed with me is the importance of a deadline. And not only a deadline, but a big, public bastard declaration of a deadline that you can’t go back on without making yourself look a complete pillock and suffering big heapings of public shame when you don’t meet it.

It focuses the mind of a writer, forces you to make difficult decisions, doesn’t give you much time for self-doubt, and increases productivity. Just have a look at Brandon Sanderson’s website: he has little progression bars for each of his projects right there on the homepage, and I’m sure this plays a big part in maintaining his incredibly prolific output. Deadlines can be terrifying, but…

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Another day, and lots more gardening….

It’s so much fun being able to get out in the garden all day. The birds are singing, the horses in the neighbouring field are neighing, a little bit of traffic goes past. The sun is shining, the breeze is gentle, and the chickens are singing along to my music. To me this is perfect.

Have a great weekend…..

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Thursday 7th September 2017 – All day in the garden.

It doesn’t happen very often that I get to spend all day in the garden. Usually it’s either the morning or the afternoon. But today was a special day, and the weather was dry, so what better place to be then in the garden. Before I started on the garden, I got rid of a load of garden waste at the tip this morning, and because I’ve been in the garden all day, I’ve got more to take to the tip tomorrow. I’ve bought a couple of the fabric Hippobags from B&Q. They’re really good, and I can fit 2 of the midi sized ones in the boot of our car. They should last for ages, so that should make taking all that garden waste to the tip much easier. Once in the garden, I finished off “Ivy Corner”, so I won the war on that area. Although there is a little section of root that I can’t get out, so I’ll have to get some weed killer and finish the ivy off that way.IMG_4161

I then moved onto “Exotic Bed”. I removed all sorts of unwanted weeds and yet more ivy. But the bed is very large, so any of the ivy at the very back can stay as it’s creating some ground cover so will stop the weeds from growing through. I pruned various plants, and now it looks much neater. The bare soil that is now showing, I’ll fill in, using some of the plants that I bought with me. So it’ll look much better soon, and less naked.IMG_4162

So all in all, a very productive day. Now I really should go and have a bath before I start dinner as I’m very dirty.

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