Sweet corn seeds are wrinkly.

April through to the end of May is the perfect time to sow your corn seeds. Whether you’re growing normal sweet corn, pop corn, or baby corn, they all need to be sown the same. Here’s how I sow mine.

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Sowing Runner and French beans

It’s a tricky decision as to when to sow these. Sow them too early and they start twisting around each other, sow them too late, and you won’t get a decent crop.

Over the years I have figured out that the best time to sow them inside is 3-4 weeks before I plan on planting them outside (early to mid June). Remember they’re “tender crops”, which means they don’t like the frost. So figure out when your last frost date is and work back from there.

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It’s nearly the end of May, so get all your spuds in…

The end of May is fast approaching, so make sure that what ever varieties of potatoes you are growing this year, that you get them in the soil by the end of May.

Here’s how I’m planting mine…

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My Broad beans are in….

The garden is slowly taking shape, and now that I have soil in the first of the large raised beds I can start to get some plants in.

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Watch out, the garlic is going in…

I’ve filled one small bed with soil, so I can finally get my garlic planted out in the soil.

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The construction of the raised beds….

With a massive thank you to so many people, my raised beds are finally constructed. We had to buy a much more powerful drill for the job, but after several colourful words, and lots of heavy lifting, deep screwing, and humping from all angles, they are all ready.

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£519 to go on the End of Magic

Mark Stay Writes

There’s about a week to go until the 90 days of pledging are up and there’s just £519 to raise for my fantasy novel The End of Magic.

That’s roughly…

  • 52 pledges for the £10 eBook
  • 35 pledges for the paperback
  • 26 Patron paperback pledges (you get your name in the front)
  • 21 ‘For a friend’ pledges (you get two copies),
  • 11 Robot Overlords pledges
  • or just 7 of the five-copy bundles! (Why not go crazy and by a bunch for your fantasy fiction friends?).

This is it – the last push to make this happen: click here and hit that beautiful blue PLEDGE button!

Thank you and a huge bearhug for all you beauties who’ve pledged already!


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