Monday 21st March 2022 – The perfect way to spend a birthday.

Yes I’m 21 again! I know it’s amazing, I’ve been married for 27 years, and have two adult children aged 19 and 22, and I’m still only 21!!…..Clearly I’m older, but I’m not telling you how old I really am, you’ll have to wait until I get to the next decade to find that out. You won’t have to wait very long though.

I worked for a few hours in the morning, but soon all those half days will start to turn into full days because there is much more to do. So I spent the afternoon in my garden. I had to tidy the pots out the front and fill in a few spaces which I did. I weeded anything that needed doing and then watered everything out the front as well. We’ve not had rain for a while here, and all my butts are full so I can use the water from them. The weather lately has been very Spring-like, warm and sunny and gorgeous, I’m very happy.

Once I’d finished out the front, I went to the back garden, there is a lot to do and most of it I’ll do this weekend, but I put the chickens in the brassica cage for a little play, and went into my greenhouses to have a little play myself.

I like to fill old shoes with compost and plants, so Emily and Kai had some old shoes that now have a new lease of life. I hope they’re happy. I’m sure my work wellies will be promoted to the garden soon as they have 3 gaping holes in them and soil keeps getting in. I’m trying to find a pair of waterproof boots that are sturdy enough and it’s proving to be tricky. I’m considering getting some builders ones a bit like my Site ankle boots as they seem to last. Obviously mine aren’t that clean anymore, but at least they’ve not got any holes in them yet.

After a little bit more tidying in the greenhouses it was time to come in. We have a rule in our house when it’s your birthday, you get to choose what you want for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it doesn’t matter how old you are. My mum used to do it when my sister and I were young, so I’ve just carried on the tradition. I chose toasted teacakes for breakfast, bacon in a cheese topped roll for lunch, and fish and chips for dinner.

My parents finally managed to make it over from Spain so mum and Emily iced a cake I had in the freezer. I got to blow my four candles after I’d put the rubber plug in the bath, and put some ointment on my saw tips. I’d been playing with my garden hoe’s today and had some pea’s for my tea…..

A perfect way to spend my 21st birthday, now time to get on with life and enjoy every minute of it.

Happy Spring everyone!

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