Monday 17th January 2022 – A busy afternoon in the garden.

At this time of year a couple of my client’s only need me for a half day tidying their garden, where as most still need me to be in their garden for a whole day. When I get half days I take the opportunity to get bits done in my garden and this afternoon was no exception.

First of all a quick sort out of a client’s plants that I’m looking after in my greenhouse until they get big enough to plant outside. This morning I did plant out 72 plants for them and hopefully when I see them on the first Monday of February (3 weeks time), then more will be ready. I’ve got about another 120 plants to put in for them, all perennials and of various heights. Can’t wait to see what colours they’ll bring this year in their garden and all the bulbs I planted late last year are starting to appear as well.

Then it was time to sow some seeds for me. January is a fairly quiet month for seed sowing and it was just Leeks “Musselburgh” and Onions “Globo”.

I put some multipurpose compost in a seed tray, firmed it down, watered it, sowed the seeds and then labelled. The seeds look exactly the same so be careful.

Because it’s still very cold outside and to give them a little more protection, not only from the cold, but also from any mice that get in the greenhouse at night I’m putting a propagator lid on the top. I’ll check them regularly and water if necessary. You want to keep them moist and not wet if that makes sense.

Here’s a video with more information for you. It was made 3 years ago, but all the information is still the same.

I also sowed some mixed Cactus just to see what they do. The Cactus need warmth so the greenhouse is no good for them so they’re on a window sill inside, I’m hoping the Spider plant they’re growing next to will take care of them and show them how to grow.

I’ve got lots of Sempervivums growing in a large pot outside and they’ve been producing loads of babies over the years. Mine stay outside all year, get covered in snow, attacked by frost and still keep going. So I’m just trying to propagate them, so I’ll start with one first of all and then if that works then I’ll try the rest. Bizarrely the Mother plant is called a ‘Hen’ and her babies are called ‘Chicks’.

I just cut two of the chicks off, making sure I left a decent amount of stem, and then filled one pot with multipurpose compost and another with ericaceous compost. I made sure both were moist and will see which does better. Succulents prefer sandier soil so I’ll see how each one does before I plant anymore. I poked the stem of each chick in the compost and they’re now sitting in the greenhouse and I’ll check on them regularly and water if necessary. Make sure you doing over water because they don’t like it.

Ericaceous on the left. Multipurpose on the right.

While I was out in the garden I put the chicken in one of the brassica cages to play. They love having a scratch in there and with all their scratching about they break down the soil beautifully for me, also not forgetting all the poop they put in the soil as well. While they were happy I dug up the rest of my Beetroot from last year.

We’ve been eating lots of it, but now I need to get the rest up and sorted so I can prepare the soil for this season. Beetroot are easy to dig up, just a gentle dig with a spade is all that is needed. As I harvest them I like to separate them out into sizes then I don’t have to go through them once they’re all done. Usually it’s a tray for small, medium and large. But this year I had to add ****ing huge to that as well.

But they’re all up now and I’ve got a good haul to go through. Most of them I’ll boil, peel and then freeze and we’ll use as and when we need them, but some I’ll put in the fridge and I’ll cut up into pieces and roast with other veggies. An impressive bunch this year.

And here is my largest…… Yes you are reading that correctly…

I also harvested some carrots and Brussels sprouts for dinner that evening and the chickens obviously had the tops of the sprouts which they devoured. I must have spent a good couple of hours, if not longer in the garden, but as it does about 3.45pm it starts to get cold again because the sun will be setting in about an hour. So I packed up all my tools and tidied up. I put the beetroot in the greenhouse and will sort those tomorrow afternoon.

The chickens were had a wonderful time in the brassica cage and soon it was time for them and me to go back inside. Now the chickens like their afternoon corn and mealworms, they need to have full tummy’s before bed time. Come on, follow mummy. Make sure you watch until the very end.

Stay warm and toasty everyone and here’s to the start of a wonderful 2022 xxx

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1 Response to Monday 17th January 2022 – A busy afternoon in the garden.

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, another great post to get my juices flowing for spring. My onions, cabbage, and eggplant get planted in the seed starting space in my basement at the end of February which to me is the official start of the garden year. Have a great plants and seeds day in the garden.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

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