My Secateurs are just like new!

I’m sure you can imagine that I go through secateurs like anything. Not because I loose them but because I use them all day, every day in all sorts of weather and they just stop working eventually and you can’t get them repaired. If I’m lucky they’ll last 6-9 months.

I think it was a little over a year ago someone suggested I try Felco Secateurs and I’ve not looked back. Yes they are more expensive than most makes, but you get what you pay for. I bought 2 pairs, one for work, one for home, and they were approximately £60 each. But they are absolutely amazing.

In about November last year my work pair were looking rather sad, they weren’t springing back when I was cutting, they weren’t closing properly as the lock mechanism was rusted. Sometimes they didn’t open, and they were no longer sharp. If you go on the Felco website and scroll right down to the bottom, under the “information” header there is a tab for “servicing”.

All you do is pay £25, what ever state your Felco secateurs are in, send off one pair of secs to Burton McCall and then these wonder people sort them out and send them back within about 28 days.

Today I got the pair I sent away to them at the end of December and they are amazing. I was expecting them to send them back with a note say “Sorry they’re too far gone”. But no! This is what I got.

Give it to Spring and I’ll most probable send my other pair off.

Thank you so much Burton McCall you are miracle workers xx

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2 Responses to My Secateurs are just like new!

  1. Paul Greenwood says:

    Just when you think there are no skilled folk in England and we live in a throwaway society, something like this lifts your day. Well done Felco & Burton McCall.

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