Sunday 27th February 2022 – I’m gonna make my seedlings an offer they can’t refuse.

This weekend has been beautiful, much improved from last weekend. I hope when the latest load of storms blew through you didn’t lose anything. I’ve seen on various gardening and allotment Facebook pages that lots of people lost greenhouses. If you can, and I know it’s tricky to on an allotment site screw your greenhouse to a solid base of either concrete or slabs. For those who lost precious items I hope you are able to put them back together. We were very lucky and all I found was a slate roof tile on the gravel at the front of our house, but I couldn’t find exactly on the roof where it came from. Opposite lost 6 ridge tiles and 1 is clinging on for dear life so maybe the slate tile flew off from their roof. Oh but when Eunice blew through on that Friday we did lose electricity just before 3pm and finally returned a little after 11pm. But no biggy, we had fish and chips by fake candle light and then were in bed by about 6.30pm.

Anyway, this weekend the sun shone, the sky was blue and it felt very Spring-like. Saturday was spent shopping, getting a well needed hair cut (my hair was starting to make me look like a scarecrow), and various other household things. So Sunday was exactly as it said, it was a Sunny Day! So after I got back from ringing in the morning I went out in the garden to see what I could do. The electricity had been turned off again because the power company were sorting something out, but this time it was only off for a couple of hours and it was during the day and we didn’t need lights on. I have a gas top so we could still boil water for a cup of tea…phew!

My little seedlings are coming along very nicely, although some need a little more encouragement, but I’m sure they’ll appear soon. Time to start pricking some of them out and putting them in individual pots. So here goes……

The Onions “Globo” are growing brilliantly so they’ll need doing first.

Prick them out and plant them in individually pots. I use square ones from H S Plastics and I can fit 15 perfectly in one tray.

Here is a little video to explain pricking out a little more clearly….

My Leeks “Musselburgh” aren’t quite large enough yet so I’ll leave them for another week.

Then it was on to the Broccoli “Bellaverde Sibsey. I’ve not grown this variety before so it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

Again these need to be pricked out into individual pots, but make sure when you put them in their new pot you plant them ‘deep’. All this means is that all the roots and the stem are under the soil and just the leaves are showing above. I find to make a good enough hole the best thing to use is your index finger, just pushing it down into the soil as far as you can and the seedling should then drop in easily.

Here’s a video with more information to help you. I know this is talking about cauliflowers, but pricking out any brassicas needs to be done in the same way.

Then onto the flowers I’ve sown so far. Some have woken up, but others still need a little more sleep. But for those that are up and ready for the day I’m going to start pricking out. Make sure that when you’ve pricked out all you can to level off the soil again as more may soon be stirring from their slumber in about a weeks time.

I have a couple of varieties of Marigold “Fireball” and “Crackerjack Mixed” which I planted 2 seedlings together in a square pot and come Cosmos “Candy Strip” which I sowed 3 seedlings per square pot. Again sow these deep so the stem is under the soil and just the leaves are showing above this will make the plants much sturdier.

Well that was all in the garden today. Mark and I then went off to the cinema to see The GodFather on the big screen. How is that film 50 years old? I think it’s a fabulous film, but to see it on the big screen was amazing. You get to see every single expression on Al Pacino’s face, how he’s torn by what he knows he has to do but knows what will happen if he goes through with it. I have a very soft spot for Al Pacino, always have done. Yes he is a little over the top sometimes, but if you watch him in some of his latest films like Donnie Brasco, Heat, Frankie and Johnny, Carlito’s Way and not to mention Glengarry Glen Ross…. wow! Need I say more. As we sat watching the trailers I wondered how many men had bought their ladies along saying…”This is a great film, you’ll enjoy it, it’s about family.”

Me I’d go and see that at the cinema any day of the week…..unless I have work or bell ringing.

Happy gardening everyone!

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See you soon xxx

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2 Responses to Sunday 27th February 2022 – I’m gonna make my seedlings an offer they can’t refuse.

  1. Carole says:

    Just wondering whether your seeds are left in an unheated greenhouse or do you heat it? During the day my greenhouse is around 15-20C but at night much lower!

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