Sunday 1st May 2022 – Bean time!!!

After several years of sowing at different time, I’ve come to the conclusion that the perfect time for me to sow my Runner and French Bean seeds in the greenhouse is on 1st May. That way they have exactly one month to grow and be the perfect size to be planted outside on 1st June. I live in the South East of the UK so all worries of frost have gone from that area by the beginning of June. If you live further north or south of where I am, then you know your frost dates and can adjust your timings.

So before Mark and I went out in the afternoon, and after I’d mowed the grass. Yes I know it’s “No Mow May”, but I couldn’t mow the grass at the end of April because we were out all day, so I mowed it today. I can’t see that one day would make a difference anyway. So once all that was done I went and sowed my bean seeds.

I have 3 different varieties this year and I sow them all the same way. The varieties I have this year are: Climbing French Beans “Blue Lake”, I love these, they’re so prolific. Dwarf French Beans “Safari“, these are perfect for growing round the edges of raised beds, or in large pots or troughs as they don’t need staking. And also Climbing Runner beans “Scarlet Emperor”.

I fill a pot with multipurpose compost (which ever you prefer to use) and place 2 seeds on top at diagonal corners.

When you have all the pots you want, then push the seeds down about an inch. Cover with compost, water with fresh tap water and label. They should germinate in about a week or so depending on the temperatures outside.

If you want to sow directly outside, then wait a couple of weeks and sow 2 or 3 seeds together in the same little hole, again about an inch under the soil.

Here’s a little video with a bit more information….

Once all those were done then I pricked out my Wok Broc which is going great guns. I put one seedling into each pot and planted them deep, so all the stem was under the soil and just the leaves were above.

Then I pricked out my Rocket, but this I did in little clumps of about 5-6 seedlings because it’s happier that way. You don’t have to be exact with the number of seedlings, just a small clump will be fine.

So that was all done before we went out. On Bank Holiday Monday some of the family will be over, so I double if I’ll get any time out in the garden, but I have a half day on Tuesday so I’ll get my garden fix then.

Whatever you did this early May Bank Holiday I hope you had a wonderful time.

Keep watering those plants, I’m now having to syphon out the bath water because my butts are empty, looks like I may have to do the washing machine water soon if we don’t have rain in the next couple of days.

Happy gardening xxx

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1 Response to Sunday 1st May 2022 – Bean time!!!

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, we are having lack of water issues here as well but thankfully, we are in a rain cycle and just received about 1.5 inches of slow soaking rain that last all night and the next day. We have a couple dry days and then another soaking is predicted. It makes it tough to get anything planted but I’ll take the rain and plant when I can. My 450 rain catch tank is usually filled by March 15th but this year it wasn’t full until this last rain. I got a late start planting my seeds but it looks like that was a good thing. The only thing I have planted is onions and potatoes. Everything else is still snuggled up under the grow lights. The states south of me are having terrible weather with very high winds and tornadoes. We here in Nebraska have had grass fires that have burned up over 20,000 acres with some houses and barns. Hopefully, this last rain will shut that down.

    Have a great garden day when you can.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

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