Saturday 9th May 2015 – Manure!!!

My wonderful friend Clair has a horse and more importantly access to a trailer, and very kindly offered to bring me some manure to my allotment. She’s a very busy lady, and it can be fairly tricky to organise a date when we’re both free, but today was the day!! I met her at the allotment and she was pulling (or rather her car was pulling) a trailer full of manure for me. Once she’d parked by my plot we started to shovel away. We managed to empty the trailer in 45 minutes which I think is a record for us. We chatted and caught up on all sorts of news. When we’d emptied the trailer she drove away with a much lighter load, and I stayed and did some distributing of manure round my various beds. After an hour of muck spreading I was exhausted, hungry and very tired, so came home. I’d moved about half of the manure which to be honest I was very pleased about. I’ll sort the rest out on Monday. We don’t have a tow bar on our car, and can’t get one as it’s a company car. If we did have a tow bar and trailer I’d forever be getting manure. With Clair’s help it also means that I don’t stink our car up, which is always a good thing. But as a thank you to Clair, I always then give her a big box full of goodies from my allotment and take them round.

That's one big pile of shit!!

That’s one big pile of shit!!

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5 Responses to Saturday 9th May 2015 – Manure!!!

  1. Vincent Neale (Powerspade) says:

    I have a friend like yours too C lair where would we be without them. I give my friend vegetables from my plot as payment

  2. Jen Gardener says:

    Oh lovely! Your garden will love you!

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