Thursday 7th May 2015 – Loads of potting up!!

Getting a couple of hours in the greenhouse is always fun and enjoyable. I’ve been a little behind with all my sowing and potting up so far this year. I seem to have spent more time on the allotment getting that ready, and less time in the greenhouse house. I’ll have to catch up with it all, otherwise it’ll never be ready. So this afternoon I spent a good couple of hours in the greenhouse having loads of fun. I tend to pot up what ever seedlings I want, and then give some to my sister. Usually doing it this way, means that hardly any get thrown away. I’m very picky about which ones I’ll use, but then you have to be. There is no point in potting on a sickly looking seedling, only the good healthy ones will do. So here is a list of the what I managed to get done this afternoon: Tomato “Roma VF”, I’ve got 46 plants for myself and 10 for my sister Michelle, Kale “Starbor F1 – Mini Veg”, 10 plants  for me and 5 for Michelle, a couple of varieties of Cabbage “All Year Round Blend” and “Primo (II)” in total 15 for me and 5 for Michelle, Sprouting Broccoli “Red Arrow”, 18 for me and 5 for Michelle, and finally 18 Cauliflowers “Graffiti F1” and 5 pots of Lettuce that I’ve put into 3 inch pots and will plant out in the salad bed when they’re larger and pick the leaves as and when we need them. There’ll be more bits and pieces for Michelle as and when I do them. We always do this because it’s more fun, and it’s good to share.

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