Sunday 10th May 2015 – Sowing seeds are go!!

I very pleasant afternoon was spent by me in the greenhouse potting on and sowing. First of all I sowed some flower seeds. I don’t usually sow many annual flowers as the ones I have in my garden are all perennials. But I was feeling rather brave when I looked through the seed catalogues and chose some flowers that I remember sowing when I was little. Aster “Queen of the Market Mixed” and Candytuft “Fairy Mixed”. Both these flowers attract bees and also look beautiful, so I figured why not! I then potted on my Brussels Sprouts “Camelot F1”. I’ve potted on 20 for myself and 5 for my sister. They did really well last year, so hopefully they’ll be successful again this year. Then it was onto more sowing: Another 9 pots of “Sugar Snap” Peas. I’ve sown 4 seeds in each 3 inch pot, placing the seeds north, south, east and west. Then “Ambrosia” Melon seeds that Chuck Fenster gave to me a few years ago. I’ve still got some left, but I sowed 12 today. Some more Lettuce “Best Bulls Blood Soldier”, which tastes very Beetrooty so goes great in salads and makes it look very colourful. Another tray of both Cress “Fine Curled” and Mustard “White”. These I keep on the kitchen window sill and will hopefully be ready to eat in about 10 days time. Another load of Coriander “Calypso” which I sow every month, then we have a good supply throughout the summer. I know some people don’t like Coriander, but I think it’s great mixed with tomatoes and cheese and then put on toast. Give it a go, it’s really yummy and makes cheese on toast so much more exciting. Some different Peas “Kelvedon Wonder”, again 9 pots and 4 seeds in each 3 inch pot. The first lot are growing well in the allotment, so hopefully these will be ready when the first lot have finished. And finally 9 Pumpkin seeds. These I saved from the fruits from last year and dried them out on kitchen towel and when they were dry I stored the best ones in a paper envelope. I don’t know what variety they’ll be as I have quite a few last year, but I like surprises, so I’ll just have to wait and see. It was then time to clean under my nails and get rid of all the compost that was under them, before I had to pop out later on that evening. Still a very good afternoon in the greenhouse, lots of fun, and lots done. Still more to do though.

Last years Pumpkin harvest.

Last years Pumpkin harvest.

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