Wednesday 11th June 2014 – Straddled over some potatoes.

Yes I know that sounds a bit odd, but it’s the only way you can weed between your potato plants. You straddle a plant, bend over, stick you bottom in the air and off you go with the weeding. It’s really the most sensible way to go about it, but not the most attractive. It helps if you’re bendy, like I am. Though I’m not as bendy as I used to be, but that’s another story. I only had 2 hours down the allotment today as I had to be somewhere else this afternoon, but I managed to get lots of weeding done, and then watered the weed free beds with my Shropshire Seaweed Fertiliser. I’m convinced that’s why I got huge potatoes last year as well as a generally wonderful harvest from most things. So I’m sticking with it. I’ve got half a bottle left, so I’ll have to order some more soon. I tend to go through about 4 or 5 litres in one season. If you’ve not tried it give it a go. It’s also good for keeping disease away. I then harvested lots more Strawberries, which seem to have gone manic lately. I’ve now got enough for some jam so I’ll have to make some very soon. But I won’t see the allotment until Monday of next week as I’m off to Gardeners’ World Live at the NEC. I’m driving up to Birmingham tomorrow and then going to the show on Friday, then up to see my grand parents in St Helens for a couple of days and then back home via Daventry to see my cousin!! Phew!! I’ll take loads of photos, and let you all know what I got up to when I get back. If you’re at the NEC on Friday and you see me, come and say “Hi”. If you don’t want to, I won’t mind. The weather looks like it should be great, so I may have to wear some shorts (don’t be scared by that thought please).

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2 Responses to Wednesday 11th June 2014 – Straddled over some potatoes.

  1. Tony Bacon says:

    Small world im from st helens

    • Oh Wow!! To be honest, it’s a pig of a drive for me firstly with the M25, then I have to contend with the M6. It takes me about 5 hours and that’s with a stop to stretch my legs. It was good to see them though.

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