Tuesday 10th June 2014 – Everything’s in the allotment.

It’s a very exciting day today as everything that needs to go in the allotment is in. It’s good that I’ve not got anything else to go in, as both my plots are jam packed. Usually I have at least 1 bed spare, but this year, nothing is free. I put in the last of my Musselburgh Leeks today, and dotted them all over the place, where ever I had room. Beware though that when you’re planting your Leeks in their holes that you don’t get poked up the bottom by a Globe Artichoke flower. I did, and it was quite a surprise. I’ve still got quite a few Leeks left, so I’ll see if my sister wants those. Now all I need to do is to sort out the greenhouse, and get all those bits in their final places. Then I’m all ready for the summer. So all is needed to be done now down the allotment is weeding, watering and harvesting. So I’m a very happy bunny at the moment. Oh, but a bit of sad news, my strimmer has to go to the great lawn in the sky. Apparently the engine has seized and wires have come out. So it’ll cost more to fix it than to get a new one. I’m off to Gardeners’ World Live at the NEC on Friday, so will have a look there to see if they have any, otherwise I’ll look into getting one when I get back next week. Such a shame, I’ve had it for about 8 years or so, and it’s the first and only time it’s gone wrong.

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13 Responses to Tuesday 10th June 2014 – Everything’s in the allotment.

  1. Ian Wilson says:

    It’s a wonderful time of year isn’t? All the hard work done (well sort of) and you can sit back and watch everything grow. I am also off to Gardeners world Live this weekend (along with being dragged around the Good Food thingy!)

  2. Reblogged this on Linda's wildlife garden and commented:
    Lovely post sad news about your strimmer have a lovely time on Friday and have a blessed evening

  3. lizard100 says:

    Getting everything in is a great moment!

  4. ceebmoj says:

    Hi there, I wondered if you could help me out, I am growing a clematis on my balcony. However there are a lot of small green fly’s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aphid) on the plant. So far I have been wiping or blowing them of the plant. do you have any advice on what to do with them?

    • Clematis are lovely plants, but they do attract unwanted visitors. You can either gather a load of lady birds and put them on the plant. Lady birds eat about 100 aphids a day, or you could spray with diluted washing up liquid, but be careful with this you have to dilute it loads. Otherwise get a bug spray from the garden centre. they work wonders and aren’t expensive. You’ll only need a little bit. Check before you buy as to what bugs they kill.

  5. Have a great time at Gardener’s World. Already have other commitments so can’t make it this time round.

  6. I expect I’ll be going again next year as well. But it may only be to Birmingham and back, depending on what Mark is up to it depends if I can go to see my grand parents.

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