Tuesday 3rd June 2014 – More tender crops are in!!

Today was a bit bizarre. Before I went to the allotment this morning I had a few errands to run, and as I was doing these it poured down with rain. I was getting a little concerned as I had a boot full of plants with the sole intention on putting them all in today. Fortunately the rain went and finally the sun came out, so all was good. When I first got on my plot I made a film about planting out my “Swift” Sweet corn, and putting the Butternut squash in between. You can also plant out climbing beans and this combination is called “Three Sister”, but as I’m not doing my beans that way, so I’ve called it “Two Sisters”. Then it was time to move onto the “Purple Teepee” Dwarf French Beans. I do like Dwarf French beans as they are good if you are limited on space and will very happily grow in hanging baskets (make sure you water them well though). When planting out beans, be it french or runner, make sure you protect them from slugs and snails as they really like to eat them. Then it was time to get the bed ready for all my Pumpkins. I’m growing 2 varieties this year, firstly some seeds that I saved from my Atlantic Giants last year, and “Charmant PMR F1” for George’s Scout Group. I’ve put them in the bed where I’ve been dumping a load of manure. As I was turning over the bed to remove any weeds and thistles, the soil looks really good. In fact there’s enough manure in that bed to grow a massive beanstalk for Jack, so hopefully they’ll be enough for my Pumpkins. I watered them in well and protected from slugs. So that all took me about 4 hours to do. I’m exhausted now, but happy.

Grow my pretties grow!!

Grow my pretties grow!!

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2 Responses to Tuesday 3rd June 2014 – More tender crops are in!!

  1. Hi
    I also have Butternut Squash or as I like to call them ‘slug food’.

    What slug prevention have you taken? Any tips appreciated!

    • With the amount of space I have, then only thing that is suitable is pellets. They’re Bio ones, so I don’t feel too bad. If you have a small space, then you can use sharp stones, coffee ground, animal hair, or even beer traps. They don’t like going on anything that dries out their foot, and they love beer. If I didn’t use pellets, then they’d have a feast every night and I’d have nothing left. Get hold of a book called “50 ways to kill a slug” there are loads of ideas in it. You may find a solution for your plants.

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