Monday 2nd June 2014 – Back to work on the allotment.

Now the kids are back to school after half term, I’m back up the allotment, and it’s full stream ahead. As it’s June, we’re very unlikely to get any more frosts in the south of the UK, so all the tender plants can now go in the ground without any worry. So this week will be spent doing exactly that. Today I got all my “Camelot” Brussels Sprouts in, my “Swift” Sweetcorn and my Butternut Squash. As well as the obligatory weeding and grass trimming. I’m still using my shears as I’ve not yet heard back about my strimmer. I’ll have to call him this week and find out what the news is. So that took just under 4 hours. Now I need to pack what I want to do tomorrow in the car. I know what that’ll be, but I’m not going to tell you yet, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

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