Training is getting serious now.

As the weeks go on the more my walk gets longer and longer. Having done a quarter of my total distance last week, I feel like I’m getting somewhere. So today I had to walk for at least two and a half hours without stopping. I actually did 2 hours and 43 minutes. Now that I have more time to walk about I can venture out to more interesting places. So today I went walking round the village next door. I walked all over the place, going round roads that I either used to live down, or school friends lived down, and looking at the very nice houses as I went. The weather was sunny and fairly warm. So far it’s never rained on any of my walks, but I’m sure that’ll change soon. I’ve had to change the App I’ve been using to see how far I’m walking, as it’s turning out to be not as precise and accurate as I wanted it to be. Today it missed out a whole section of my walk, and according to it I walked less than I did last week, which can’t be right as I walked for 30 minutes more. I reckon I managed to clock up about 8 miles, but it said that I only did 6.40 miles. Also I do exactly the same walk ringing on a sunday morning, and that’s always quite a lot different. So I’ll try out this new App and see how it fairs it’s called “RunKeeper”. I took with me a banana to give me energy and 2 bottles of water. Soon I’ll have to take lunch. Mark had baked beans on toast ready for when I got back home, which I ate very quickly. I think soon I’ll be able to walk from ringing to Polesden Lacey. I can meet Mark and the kids there and we can have lunch and a look round before we come home (I’ll get Mark to drive, I’m not walking home just yet).

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