Last day of Half Term.

Today was the last day of the summer half term, so I decided that as the weather was going to be dry (not sunny) that I’d take the kids out for the day. Now we’ve been to lots of National Trust places that are close to us, so we need to venture further a field now. So The Vyne near Basingstoke looked interesting, so we went to have a look. It’s another beautiful place with a house and some wonderful grounds. So after we’d parked we put on our wellies, which George was complaining that he didn’t really need to wear, but I insisted, and off we went on our little travels. It took us about an hour and a half to get from home to Vyne, so lunch was the first thing to do, which was great for me as it made my ruck sack much lighter. Then off we went following the map to explore. Very soon George realised that wearing his wellies was essential as we went on a walk round the wetland area. Yes you’ve guessed it right. So it wasn’t long before the kids found some water to stand in.

It wasn't long before the kids found some rather stagnant water.

It wasn’t long before the kids found some rather stagnant water.

We found a fallen tree with its root ball showing, which was huge. If the kids had stood on top of each other they’d have been able to have reached the top!! We walked through a very creepy wooded area and then came across a building. It reminded us of something that you’d find in a horror movie and if you opened the door you’d find all sorts of horrors inside. So we quickly left.

Cabin in the woods!!

Cabin in the woods!!

As we walked back to the house, we came across a field warning us that there was a bull in there. So we decided that may be it would be a good idea if we didn’t venture in. Especially as Emily was wearing red wellies! George found some trees to climb and they both found sticks to use as light sabres, so they were both happy. Emily filmed George and I pretending to be Bear Grylls (George) and David Attenborough (me). She’s going to edit together a little film, so when it’s done then I’ll send you a link. We then stopped in a little play area to have a cake, and the kids decided that they’d play with all the little toys made for toddlers. Watching George riding the little plastic tractor was rather amusing.

They never get too old!!

They never get too old!!

They then played for a bit longer and then we went to have a look in the house. It was ok, but we couldn’t play our game of which bedroom we’d like, but George found some clothes to dress up in, but could only find 1 ear?

My little Legolas, personally I prefer Aragorn.

My little Legolas, personally I prefer Aragorn.

Then it was time to come home. Both the kids fell asleep in the car, not me though I was driving. So we attacked the M3 and the M25 yet again. But we made it home in time for dinner. Well that was a fun half term, we rested, played and ventured out. Phew!! Back to the allotment for a rest next week I think.

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