Thursday 5th June 2014 – Climbing French Beans are all in.

Another successful day up the allotment today, and a glorious one. Much better weather than yesterday, so off I trundled with lots planned. Firstly I dug over the rest of the Pumpkin bed. It was much tougher than the first half, as it hadn’t been dug for at least 2 year. I found loads of red ant nests, and they went mad when I disturbed them. I had  a few more Pumpkin plants to put in, so that was the first job. Then it was lunch time so I sat down with my soup, bread and fruit and had a little rest. If I sit down for too long I get bored, so after about 20 minutes it was back to work again. The next job on the list was putting in my Climbing French Beans. This year I’ve grown “Cobra”, which I’ve grown before and they did really well, so hopefully they’ll be a success again. I sowed 2 plants to a cane. At a push you can do 3, which I’ve done before. Make sure you attach them to the canes, so they curl up well, otherwise they decided to make out with anything that they can get close to. Then to finish off at the allotment I cut some more grass round the edges. I’ve still not heard back about my strimmer yet, but called them yesterday and they’re supposed to call me today. If they don’t I’ll call them again tomorrow. I then loaded some rubbish from my plot in the car and made a quick trip to the tip. Then home for a well earned cup of tea, and a little while later the kids arrived home from school. Phew!! Same again tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Thursday 5th June 2014 – Climbing French Beans are all in.

  1. You comment about going to the tip on the way home from the allotment made me smile. I am going en route to the allotment tomorrow as I didn’t have time the other day.

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