Friday 6th June 2014 – That was a full on day!

Another busy, busy day on the allotment today. The sun was shining, I had my shorts on (and now my legs are not as horrendously white as they were) and I even had to get out the sun cream. It was a scorching 25 degrees today, so I was very, very happy. So it was the perfect day to spend as much time as I could on the allotment. So in just over 4 hours I managed to plant out my Chop Suey Greens and my Celeriac. Picked, weeded and manured the Strawberries. I’ll give you one guess on what we’re going to have for pudding tonight!! And finally I cut a load of grass and then started to weed the Rhubarb bed, which has been a bit neglected recently. The allotment is looking lovely and full now, and I feel like I’m nearly on top of it. I then had a wedding to bell ring for, otherwise I would have stayed at the allotment for a bit longer. Tomorrow we’re supposed to get some thundery downpours, but they’re going to be very hit and miss, so knowing us they’ll miss us as they usually do. Still I’ll let you know if anything exciting happens. So now it’s off to mow the grass, and see if I can get up to any mischief in the greenhouse. So TTFN have  a great weekend.

My Chop Suey Greens all in 2 lovely straight rows.

My Chop Suey Greens all in 2 lovely straight rows.

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8 Responses to Friday 6th June 2014 – That was a full on day!

  1. Reblogged this on Linda's wildlife garden and commented:
    Lovely post and thank you for sharing gave a blessed weekend

  2. Jim and Becky says:

    25 is scorching? Lovely spring day here, lol.

  3. rosie says:

    Hi!can you tell me what slug pellets you Use! Are they just run of the mill or organic, my partner put slug pellets down close to where I was going to plant the stir fry vegetables so now I’m worried that the soil is contaminated and might make the vegetables not safe to Eat! Lol

  4. paul says:

    yes very warm here too , those alderman peas are in full flower and peas forming Claire you where very correct on giving them support they are huge plants.

  5. Hope the thunderstorms missed you!

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