Saturday 7th June 2014 – RIP Tomatoes and Melons.

Don’t worry they’ve not started to die on me, but I’ve potted all my Melons and also started to pot the Tomatoes up in their final resting places in 6 inch pots. The Melons I always keep in the greenhouse as they do much better in there, as we don’t get the temperatures in the UK to plant them outside, and I also don’t put my Tomatoes on the allotment anymore, unless I can help it. This is because they are at a greater risk of getting blight down there. So I’m putting as many I can in the greenhouse and the rest dotted around the garden where ever I can find space for them. I may have to move a few plant pots around, but I’ll fit them in somewhere. Also you may remember from my last post that we were expecting torrential rain and thunder today, but they were going to be very hit and miss. We did get rain in the morning, in fact most of it actually, at one point we did have a down pour and my little birdies were looking very scruffy when they went in the box with wet feathers, but they soon dried out. Still only 2 babies have hatched so far, and one did make me laugh as it got stuck on top of an unhatched egg and looked like it was doing breast stroke. We also got a couple of flashes and a couple or substantial rumbles, but nothing on the scale that I’d hoped. Still the sun came out in the afternoon so I was able to get out in the garden.

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