Monday 28th October 2013 – We’ve emerged from the Dark Side!

Well last night was fun!! The wind started to pick up in the early hours of the morning, and I was woken up just before 3.30am by it. It had rained, but not a huge amount. Having had a quick peek outside (both back and front) to see what was going on and if there was any damage Mark and I went back to sleep. Not that you can see much at that time of the morning, but everything looked ok. We then woke again at about 6am to the wind even louder. This time the sun was starting to emerge, so a closer inspection of the garden was in order. To my utter amazement, everything was still intact. The greenhouse is fine, and apart from the water butt lid that tried to make a run for it (I blogged a picture earlier on), and a plant pot, that is a bit top heavy anyway and is leaning on another pot for comfort. We seemed to have come out of it totally unscathed! Our wonderful new fencing with our concrete posts hasn’t moved a millimetre, and the new fencing out the front is still as secure as ever. All the plant pots and hanging baskets are still happy, and the bins are exactly where I left them. It’s still rather gusty outside at the moment, and there are reports of trees down near us, so going to the allotment is not on the cards until tomorrow. But it all looks good so far, and therefore I’m hoping with the way I tied everything down at the allotment, that that’s all ok too. I’ll go tomorrow with an open mind, and if something is a miss, I know I tried my hardest, and did all I could. Phew…at least I was in a sturdy house last night, and not a caravan….I know some people who where, but they’re ok, as I sent them a text this morning.

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