Tuesday 29th October 2013 – Allotment is A ok, and a walk round Toy’s Hill.

The kids and I had a few errands to run before we went out today on a little adventure. One of those errands was popping to the allotment to see how it had faired in the storm. Fortunately everything was fine, nothing had blown away from my plot, and nothing had found its way onto my plot from anyone else’s plot. Then the kids and I went out for the day, taking our wellingtons with us. I decided that Toy’s Hill would be fun. So off we drove, which from us takes about 45 minutes. We had to make a slight diversion as a road was closed, so had to approach it from another direction. Toy’s Hill is basically a wood with various walks around it, which are all clearly marked with various colours. You choose which route you want to take and then follow the arrows. We started on the orange route, which was quite short, but stopped half way and sat on a bench looking out at the view and had our picnic lunch. We then carried on and got back to the car park fairly quickly. Whilst George and Emily were playing in a huge dip (don’t ask), I looked at another route, and decided that the red one looked good. It’s very long, but can be cut in half, as it joins another coloured route on the way. So once the kids had found their way out of the dip they were playing in, we wandered off to see what we could find. I would just like to reiterate that the routes are clearly marked, but when you miss one, you could end up anywhere….which we did! We ended up going over a fence sty into a field of sheep, and coming out the other side of the field. We then found ourselves walking down a track, that I’m not sure where it went. The kids did wonder if this was correct, which I was starting to wonder myself. So after a little more walking, we decided to retrace our steps and found a path that took us back into the wooded area. After another side down and a few biscuits we carried on, and finally ended up on the coloured routes again. As we followed the red route back to the car park, we found the point at which we went wrong. Instead of going into the field, we should have turned right just before it. The signs are fine if you see them, but me, with hardly any sense or direction really has no hope. Never mind though, we found our way back to the car park before it started to get dark, removed our wellies and got in the car and came home for a well earned cup of tea. I don’t know about the kids, but I’ll sleep well tonight.

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