Sunday 27th October 2013 – Brace for impact!!!!

Well for the past few days the weather people (it’s easier than writing men and women) have been talking about a storm that is coming our way. I’ve been watching it with great interest, and getting ready to prepare the garden for the 80mph winds that have been forecast. Yesterday I spent the afternoon checking that everything in the garden at home is battened down, putting bricks on the wheelie bins and compost heap, taking down the hanging baskets, turing the garden chairs on their side and putting them all together, and turning the garden table upside down and putting various weights on it to hold it in position. Today I went to the allotment to do the same. First though was a trip to Homebase to get some rope, which I used to attach the shed to the compost heaps and the wheel barrow to the shed. There wasn’t much rope left in Homebase, but I found what I needed, so 30 meters of rope would be sufficient. I’ve removed all the loose plastic bottles off any bamboo canes, and put them in black bin bags which are now in the boot of the car. Then just as I left I told my allotment to brace itself for a battering, and not to worry as I’m sure they’ll be fine. Now it’s just a waiting game. It’s now 6pm and the wind has started to whip up. The rain is due to hammer down at about 9pm, and then the wind will be at it’s worst at about midnight. I’ve done all I can to protect all my belonging, but have a feeling that other haven’t, so tomorrow maybe a day to clear up others mess. I’ll let you know how we get on, unless we have no power. Fingers crossed that all will be well, but as Captain Kirk says so many times “Brace for Impact!!!!”

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  1. Good Luck Claire – Hope it isn’t too bad.

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