Women inspiring action, transforming lives.

A little while ago, I was asked to come along and give a little talk to these lovely ladies. They do amazing work for women and girls all over the world, click here to find out more.
I was asked to talk about my allotment, and how I got into gardening. So not wanting to disappoint anyone I popped along last night (Tuesday 21st October), with notes for my speech and some vegetables to show them. I was asked to talk for about 30-45 minutes, which as you know for me is not difficult to do (I can talk for England on a subject that I love). They were really interested in what I said, and asked quite a few questions. We had a very interesting discussion  about certain plants you shouldn’t really grow, but what health benefits they can give you (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about). I took along my 17lb Pumpkin, a couple of Kohl Rabi, a Cabbage (and worm), a large Potato (with dirty, so they knew I’d not got it from the supermarket), an Onion, various Popcorn, and some that I’d popped so they could try it, a Squash and a few other bits. I would like to say a massive “Thank you” to Barbara for inviting me, and also to everyone who was listening to me chat about gardening. They’ve also asked me to come back another time, so obviously I wasn’t that bad!!

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  1. Thank you Claire. You’re pretty amazing yourself! Barbara

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