Wednesday 17th July 2013 – Harvesting in full flow.

It just amazes me how much courgettes grow from one day to the next. You look at them one day and you think to yourself “Oh, they’re a little small, perhaps another couple of days, maybe 3”. Then the following day they’re fully grown! It must be the heat, and the water, but they’re on a role at the moment. I picked 3 more today and there are loads of small ones just waiting in the wings. I also weeded and water several more beds, and I started the bed that the beetroot and the spring onions are in. I’ve over looked this bed slightly, and the weeds have be allowed to get rather tall. I’ll soon have it back in shape. It’s still hot, so I’m not over exerting myself. Just before I left I decided to take another swig of water, but it was really warm, and therefore not very nice. I also harvested some more radish which Mark and I had for lunch. They’ve grown so well this year, so I’m really proud of them.

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