Thursday 18th July 2013 – Oh, a gentle wind is blowing, and no it’s not me!

Still really hot, but with a breeze blowing, somehow it seems cooler. I’m still working through the beetroot and spring onion bed, and to my delight I finished it, and now it looks much better. All the varieties are coming through well “Chioggia”, “Boltardy” and “Golden”. I actually found loads of beetroot growing and spring onions which I then transplanted into another patch on the allotment. I watered them in very well, and hopefully in a couple of days they’ll look a bit happier. They’ve got loads more room to grow, so that’s great for them. I’ve been digging up some potatoes “Apache”. A few of the plants are finished, so I’m digging them up as and when we need them. I also planted in the 3 black current bushed that a fellow allotment holder gave me. They’ve been sitting in pots waiting for me to find them a space. They’re not in the exact spot that I’d like them in, but it’ll do for the time being. Also exciting news that I picked a couple of my “Cuccino” cucumbers from the greenhouse. They’re really sweet, and crunchy. I’m very proud. Everything in the greenhouse is growing well, soon it’ll be like going into the jungle. The back garden at home is slowly getting cleared, I think little and often is the best solution. Setting the timer inside the house is always good, as you can then escape into the house if you get caught (Mark and my Mum know what I mean).

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