Friday 19th July 2013 – I think I’m nearly on top of it!

You know it’s a good feeling when you find yourself wandering round the allotment wondering what to do next. I’ve put several jobs by for the cooler weather, like finishing off the paths and wood chipping them, and thoroughly digging over the bed at the end. There’s only a certain amount you should do in this hot weather. But all the beds are clear of weeds, and I seem to be nearly up to date with everything. Still I’ve got loads to do in the garden at home so the fence can be replaced, but that’ll get sorted. I spent just over 2 hours on my plot this morning, harvesting more courgettes (they just keep growing), digging up a few more potatoes, and putting in my Celeriac “Prinz”. I should have done this a while ago, but other things took over, and to be honest they were quite happy in the greenhouse at home. I’ve planted them about 4 inches apart in 2 lovely straight lines (you know me), so hopefully they’ll get settled and then grow beautifully. I also took a huge gamble today. As the greenhouse is rather full I had no where to plant my melons (yes the innuendoes are coming thick and fast), so I’ve planted them in the allotment. Well with the weather we’ve been having (the hottest prolonged period for 7 years apparently) they should be fine outside. I do have a couple in the greenhouse, just incase. Well that’s about it really. I may pop in the garden to do more this afternoon, but it’s the weekend, so I’ve got loads of time.

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2 Responses to Friday 19th July 2013 – I think I’m nearly on top of it!

  1. stevemoulson says:

    All looking Claire I have the same feeling what to do next wandering around the allotment,most of the time i end up doing nothing or chatting. Then when I get home I say to myself bugger I could of done this and that,weeding Is the problem at the moment with it being a tad hot and dry.Iknow it will work it self out in the end,but it’s seeing them and them laughing at you. Never mind love the blog great read and information,oh I tried melons the other year and didn’t so well so good luck to your melons.

    • It does happen very often like that, you go down to do some work, then you just get chatting to people. We’ve had quite a bit of rain recently, so the weeds are growing again. I must get down soon to see what’s going on. I did pop down yesterday, but that was just to harvest some bits. Melons do seem to do better in the greenhouse, but I’ve run out of space in mine. I’ve got some in there though, and the rest in the allotment. It’ll be interesting to see how they compare.

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