Tuesday 16th July 2013 – Fell over one of my tyres today, don’t think anyone saw…I hope not anyway.

There I was merrily watering away, when instead of stepping in the centre of a car tyre, I decided to step on the outside, and then found myself sitting on my bottom in the middle of my allotment. I don’t think anyone saw, and I got up really fast, and did that thing where you pretend nothing just happened. There was a bit of water left in the watering can when it happened, but as I fell to the ground I managed to water the plants. I am a woman after all, and can multi task! I finished more than I expected to do, so that was great, especially in the heat. I pulled up some rhubarb and some radish (which Mark and I had for lunch).  I’ve got a load of ironing to do, but during the day its just too hot, so hopefully when the kids have gone to bed, I can decide what to watch on the TV and get some done. Hopefully it’ll be cooler then. Mark’s out, so I have control of the remote. He, he.

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