Monday 15th July 2013 – Stagnant water smells!

Another hot and glorious day today, so after the really hot weekend it was time to water again. This time however, I decided that I should clear out the water butt that I have on one of my plots. It has bamboo canes, plastic bottles and as I found at the bottom a brick! How that got in there is anyone’s guess. The tap was being used by another plot holder, so it was the perfect time to empty the butt. The further I got down to the bottom of the butt the more it smelt. Hopefully the plants didn’t mind. They didn’t say anything, and I hope they don’t die on me. I reached the bottom of my butt, and the butt by the tap was empty also (we always ask people to fill them up if they’ve used the water in the butt. Most people do, but others just don’t). So I had to ask the person who was using the tap (same person as when I arrived) if I could just fill up my butt. He very graciously said I could, so I plugged in my hose and off I went. Once it was full,  I let him know I’d finished. As it was still very hot I decided the best thing to do was to weed a bed then water. I thought this would be the less strenuous thing to do, but in the heat everything is hard. I arrived home for lunch and was told by my husband that “I was glowing”. It’s a polite way of saying “Sweating like a pig!” Still I got a lot done, and then later in the afternoon I tried to sort out more of the back garden.

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4 Responses to Monday 15th July 2013 – Stagnant water smells!

  1. Cheryl says:

    Claire, firstly are you ever planning on coming to the US? We could host you? Now that Mark is going to be a cinematic star, you might have to come to states to promote movie? Or maybe a meet and greet with your fans from the states? Just, please, no naked gardening whilst you are here! Secondly, I never hear you talk about pest control. How do you handle this? I am using neem like mad and DE but still have tons of bugs that eat all my veg! Cheryl

    • Hi Cheryl,
      We’d love to come to the States, but when that’ll be is unknown. Mark is due to got to LA in September/ October time, but that’s to promote the film, and get a distributor. I’ll have to stay at home as the kids have school and stuff. When we do come over I’ll blog about it, and see if anyone lives near. Don’t worry I won’t go naked. To be honest I don’t seem to suffer from many pests, why that is I don’t know. To get rid of aphids (green and black fly) I use diluted washing up liquid, which I spray on them, and slugs and snails is pellets at the moment, but I’ve seen another idea that I’ll have to set up over the winter to try next spring. I will do a video about various ways to handle what pests I encounter. When it comes to birds eating brassicas it’s a case of netting.
      I’ll have a long think about pests and do a video, but it most probably won’t be til next Spring.

  2. I had to laugh reading your post because I had no idea what “butt” you were talking about. LOL! I googled it, makes a lot more sense now.

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