Sunday 14th July 2013 – We’re being spoilt this weekend by the weather.

I’ve just popped in for a cool down, as it’s only slightly cooler than it was yesterday, but about 1 degree. I took George’s old bed to the tip this morning, but have other rubbish in the car that needs to go also. But the car will be like an oven, so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Still I’ve have fun in the garden today. I’ve been sorting more of it out for the fence men. I’m getting there, but it’s taking a long time. I’ve nearly finished one side, don’t think I’ll finish that today. I won’t push myself, especially in this heat. Then it’ll be time for the other side, which looks easier, but the flower beds are in the way, so that’ll be fun. As I’ve been wearing flip flops (or thongs in Australia) this weekend, I’ve had to sun cream my feet. I know it sounds silly, but they burn easily, as they very rarely see the sun. I can’t have burnt feet, that would be awkward. I sowed some more lettuce this morning also “Winter Blend”. We keep using the lettuce I grow, but still that’s the idea. I’ll finish my tea and then carry on.

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