Monday 1st July 2013 – Had a good old sort out.

After a glorious weekend, not only the weather being so wonderful, but Mark and I went to a party on Saturday (I was very good and only had 2 glasses of wine), and then our 4th (yes I’m counting) BBQ on Sunday. We had s’mores for pudding which is always great fun. We melt 1 large marshmallow over the coals, and then use 2 chocolate digestive biscuits either side. They’re very yummy, you must give them ago. Anyway, I digress, so it was time to get my shorts on and get down the allotment this morning for a couple of hours before I had to be at school to help year 6 with their end of year play. I’m a very busy girl you know!! I spent the morning doing something not hugely interesting, but very necessary. I weeded a bed very thoroughly and then watered thoroughly adding some of the Shropshire seaweed fertiliser to the water as well. I’m getting through it fairly fast, as I’ve got a lot of space and plenty to water. But it seems to be amazing stuff. I first used it on the plants in the greenhouse and they seemed to love it, so I’m expecting great things from the plants on the allotment. I managed to sort out 8 beds in 2 and a half hours, so I was really pleased. I’ll do more tomorrow, but I get to spent most of the day playing tomorrow, so that’ll be fun. I’d better go, as Mark and I are having a prawn curry tonight (made from scratch), so I’d better get cooking.

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5 Responses to Monday 1st July 2013 – Had a good old sort out.

  1. Margaret Beil says:

    Pinch punch Claire 🙂 so if you had a lot of VERY OLD MATTED nettles and roots to get out what is the best way? thanks Marg

    • Nettles are a pain to get rid of. Basically the only way is to thoroughly dig the area. Make sure you dig as deep as you can, and remove every trace of root. The roots can go on and on, so take your time, and pick it all out.

  2. Carmen says:

    We spent Sunday morning at a carboot sale; my toddler grandson achieved the best purchase: 9 big planters for his £1, all for his container garden at the top of our allotment. Then Jazz picnic all afternoon at Botanical gardens (Birmingham), after which I cooked some macaroni & ricotta and then cut my lawn at home before it got dark. So the weeding routine at my allotment resumed this evening, 4-8pm, thoroughly weeded 4 beds, watered thoroughly, to be continued tomorrow after our Kiddies/Tiddlers Allotment Gardening session (weekly for kids from local nursery/centre) 🙂

    • What a fantastic bargain. It’s surprising what you can find at a boot sale. I’ve got to do one this sunday. It’s only just up the road from us, and it’s mostly the kids bits so they can get money for holiday. Sounds like you have a full day, not the “Day of rest” that it’s supposed to be. But then I never have one of those. It’s always a great way to end the day though, pottering about the garden/allotment.

      • Carmen says:

        Ah but it was… totally restful. We were all so relaxed and just went with the flow of the day… works like a dream. No expectations of the day, just go with it… 🙂

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